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The Federal Court in the Aamodt water rights adjudication case has issued a Notice and Order to Show Cause setting a deadline of April 7, 2014 for water users in the Nambe/Pojoaque/Tesuque areas to object to the Settlement Agreement and Proposed Decrees of the Pueblo water rights. Those not objecting to the proposed settlement may also begin making elections regarding domestic water rights. The Court has not yet set a deadline for making domestic well elections. As a result, water rights owners who do not want to object to the settlement or decrees do not have to file anything by April 7, 2014 and can wait to make their well elections once the Court sets a deadline for those filings.

Santa Fe County with the help of the other settling parties, sponsored two community meetings, 12 workshops and 12 days of office hours to inform the public of the Pojoaque Valley Pueblos’ water right settlement and the choices which the Court has asked non-Pueblo water right owners to make in 2014.

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WATCH: Aamodt Water Settlement - Public Outreach Meeting (Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2014)

Background Information 

Congress enacted the Aamodt settlement Act at the end of 2010. Since that time the Settlement Parties have worked to implement the settlement. On April 10, 2012, the Santa Fe County Board of County Commissioners approved Resolution 2012-53 authorizing the proposed amendments to the Settlement Agreement. The Settlement Agreement and Cost-Sharing Agreement were signed by the United States, the Pueblos, the State, the County and the City in March 2013.  Download a Summary Overview of the Settlement (PDF).

The Bureau of Reclamation has begun the planning phase of the Pojoaque Basin Water System.  View complete details at www.PojoaqueBasinEIS.com

Other Important Documents and Forms

For more information about the adjudication, the case and the settlement

Pojoaque Basin Regional Water System EIS

OSE: Access to water right records

OSE: Adjudication information and court filings

OSE: Settlement information and proposed Agreement