Due to plumbing issues the Edgewood Senior Center will be closed Wednesday February 8, 2023.
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Santa Fe County


Emergency Procurements

01/06/2023 - DOE Repair water line leak Las Companas
02/03/2022- DOE HVAC Repair RECC
02/18/2022 DOE Broken Waterline Los Suenos
Emergency Documents: 04/29/2022- Repair broken water line
05/25/2022 - DOE Repair of Water Well at Nancy Rodriguez Center and Romero Park
06/09/2022- DOE Water Line Repair 114 East Sunrise, Las Campanas
06/27/2022 - DOE: Ken & Patty HVAC
Right Space storage for climate controlled and non-climate controlled storage units
1/14/2021 - DOE Determination for Water Leak at Parsley and Sunflower in Las Campanas Estates
1/18/2022 - DOE Determination - Repair of Waterline Break in Las Campanas
10/2/2020 - DOE for water line leak repairs at the Edgewood Fire Station
10/22/2020 - DOE Determination for Sanitation of the Clerk's Office
11/13/2020 - DOE Determination - Sanitation and Disinfection at District Attorneys Office
11/15/2021 - DOE Determination - Repair of Broken Water Line at 89 Avenida Aldea
11/16/2020 - DOE Determination for repair of water leak at 1st Judicial Complex
11/17/2020 - DOE Determination for Sanitation of the Assessor's Office
11/23/2021 - DOE Determination for Broken Water Line Repair at Aldea Subdivision
11/3/2021 - DOE Determination - Water Line Leak Repair in Hyde Park Estates
11/30/2020 - DOE Determination for Disinfection and Sanitation of Pojoaque Fire Station
11/30/2020 - DOE Determination for Repair of Water Line Leak at La Pradera
11/6/2020 - DOE Determination for Sanitation at the Adult Detention Facility
11/6/2020 - DOE Determination for Sanitation at the Public Works Office
12/23/2021 - DOE Determination - Nursing Staff Services for Inmate Emergency Care Services
12/3/2021 DOE Waterline Break 87 & 89 Avenida Aldea Subdivision
12/8/2021 - DOE Determination - Christus St. Vincent - Inmate ER Visits
2/10/2022 - DOE Determination - Water Line Repair - 21 Blue Jay Rd
2/24/2021 - DOE - Water Line Leak at Avenida Aldea
3/2/2021 DOE Determination for Abajo Lift Station Control Panel Repair
3/2/2022 DOE Mold Remediation 48 Camino Jacobo
3/27/2020 - DOE Sanitation at the District Attorney's Office
4/12/2021 - DOE Determination - Repair Service to Access Control at Sheriff's Office
4/13/2021 - DOE Determination - Window Repair at 102 Grant Street
5/12/2021 - DOE Determination - Anytime Plumbing - Youth Shelters
5/14/2021 - DOE Determination - Rain for Rent - Pump at Quill Plant
6/1/2021 - DOE Determination for services to provide water to Canoncito at Apache Canyon MWA
6/16/2020 DOE for Water Line Repairs at 606 Letrado Street
6/3/2021 - DOE Determination - Fire Suppression System at Ken & Patty Adams Center and PW Wash Bay
6/6/2022- DOE Determination for repair of HVAC unit at 1st Judicial Complex
7/22/2020 - DOE Determination for Submersible Pump at Abajo Lift Station
8/2/2021 - DOE Determination for Next Generation to repair water line leak at Hyde Park Estates
8/27/2021 - DOE Determination - Water Leak repair at 20 E. Wildflower
Purchase Order to Christus St. Vincent for Emergent Services for ADF

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