Emergency Procurements

2-5-18 DOE Determination - Updated Costs - Repair Water Line Break at Valle De Esperanza Housing Sit
7-11-17 DOE Determination Memo Water Supply Well PW
8-6-18 DOE Determination - Countywide Due to Recent Flood Event 7-23-18
8-2-18 DOE Determination - La Cienega Acequia Assoc due 7-23-18 flood event
6-9-17 Bridge repair- Camino de los Ranchos Rd
4-10-15 Chiller Compressor replacement for Steve Herrera Complex with Johnson Controls
8-2-18 DOE Determination - Emergency Repair at Santa Fe River Greenway Project
6-21-18 DOE Determination - Chiller at 1st Judicial
9-28-17 DOE Determination - Design Services for ADF Roof Replacement
6-21-18 DOE Determination - HVAC Repair at Ken Patty Adams
12-9-18 DOE Determination Memo Water Line Repair Las Lagunitas
4-11-17 DOE Determination Memo- La Cienega Ladder Truck (002)
4-5-17 DOE Determination Memo Bulk Fuel Purchase
2-1-17 Emergency Determination for water transmission line repair
3-11-14 Emergency Determination Sub Surface Contracting
6-1-17 Emergency Determination- Pojoaque Fire Station Bay Door
5-17-17 DOE Determination Electrical Damage at Nambe Fire Station
6-23-16 Freezer Repair at the Youth Development Program with Roadrunner Inc.
6-28-16 HVAC Repair at the Adult Detentin Facility
4-7-15 La Puebla Fire Station Sewer Backup
2-27-15 Longford Homes Subdivision Fire Hydrant Repairs
1-12-15 Mold Remediation and Repairs at the Adult Detention Facility
Mold Remediation at Jacobo Housing
8-25-15 Mold Remediation at La Tierra Fire Station
6-16-17 Repair Fire Suppression Pump at Marcos Trujillo Teen Center
1-9-15 Water Leak at Esperanza Shelter with Paul Davis Resoration