During my initial campaign for Santa Fe County Assessor, I pledged, upon taking office, to work tirelessly to provide excellent customer service and raise the bar within the office in ensuring increased availability, accessibility, visibility and efficiency of the office’s operations. The team and I have worked diligently to fulfill that pledge by creating a customer-service centered atmosphere and the implementation of integrated technology to increase efficiency and accuracy of our assessed values. As a result of these combined efforts, the Office of the Santa Fe County Assessor was awarded: The International Public Information Award in 2016 and the National Public Sector Champion Jurisdiction of the Year in 2017.

As I undergo my final term, it is my goal to continue to raise the bar for excellent customer service, target subject-specific educational outreach meetings for constituents and achieve continued efficiency and accuracy of our operations. In addition, I have challenged my administration to develop, build, and implement the framework to ensure long-term sustainability post my term.

As a result of rising to the challenge of designing the framework for long-term sustainability, my administration and I are happy with the release of our 2019-2022 Office of the Santa Fe County Assessor Strategic Plan.


Gus Martinez
Santa Fe County Assessor