Office Accomplishments

 Since Gus Martinez Took Office Jan 1, 2015

Increased & Enhanced Customer Service

  • Disconnected phone menu answering system and began answering calls to main office number within three rings by a staff employee.

  • Updated "Help Guide" flyer and created a version written in Spanish. This flyer is available online and is also mailed with notices of values.

  • Published (in house) information flyers on a variety of topics such as "Protesting Your Property Value" and made available on Assessor's Main web page and in print.

  • Implemented an online chat service, to answer questions and better serve everyone who visits any of the Assessor's web pages.

  • Created a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account to keep the public informed of upcoming outreach meetings and current projects.

Updated Web Page- The Assessor's web page has been completed, redesigned and upgraded. New tools and more information to assist the public have been added including photos and professional information about staff.

  • New Online Property Search Tool- The Assessor's System's Programmer designed and created a new online tool used for researching property ownership and other parcel-related information. The data provided is considered public information and allows the public to perform property ownership research at any given time. The tool combines aerial digital photos with mapped parcels, ownership and valuation data from the Assessor's database.

Formal Protest Hearings- Completed all formal protest hearings by our self imposed goal of August 15, 2014. This was the first time in seven years this goal was achieved.

Condo Re-appraisal- Residential appraisers resketched, field collected data, and re-appraised all residential condominiums for 2015. Approximately 5,960 condo units.

Resolved Mapping Issues- Mapping/GIS staff researched and resolved xx mapping issues (nulls, inactives).

Commercial Re-Appraisal- Staff appraisers completed the remaining 50% of a commercial property door-to-door reappraisal project that began in 2014. Account changes will be reflected on the 2015 Notice of Value.

Agricultural Land Review- Staff appraisers field reviewed 1,933 parcels of land receiving the special method of valuation for compliance of agricultural and grazing use. Removed Ag status from 36 accounts, and placed 425 accounts on notice for potentially removing Ag status unless proof of Ag use is provided to Assessor's office. Mailed out 461 notification letters to property owners with information regarding the project. The Assessor's Office conducted 7 outreach meetings throughout the county that provided valuable information to property owners.

Outreach Meetings- As of January 1, 2015, Gus Martinez and staff have conducted several outreach meetings, some after normal business hours, for the purpose of informing the public on issues relating to property assessments. The various meetings were held with:

  • Property owners in five different areas of the county
  • All title companies in Santa Fe
  • The Realtor's Association
  • The Home Builders Association
  • The Surveyor's Association
  • Two real estate companies and their associates
  • Constituents at the Capital Building for Santa Fe County Day.

Residential Floor Plans- Residential appraisers field reviewed and re-sketched over 650 home floor plans previously sketched on paper into digital form on the ProVal Computer database.

Digital Aerial Photographs- Contracted with Pictometry International® to acquire ortho and oblique digital aerial photos of the built-up areas of the county. The flyover portion of the project is underway as of the date of this report, and the product is estimated to be completely delivered by mid-June, 2015. Photos will be used as a tool to identify changes in structures and new buildings. This tool will be very beneficial to our office since our field staff is not always able to access property in person. This project also will serve a recorce and tool for other county departments to accomplish their duties.

Manufactured Home Review-  Appraisers field inspected and updated property attributes for over 1,700 manufactured homes countywide.

New Conference Room- Reorganized employee offices by securing additional office space at the Bokum Building. This allowed for the creation of a larger, useful conference room with a built-in video projector and screen.

Computer Monitor- Installed a computer monitor at the front door of the Assessor's main office for the purpose of displaying current and relevant information to the public.

Squarefeet/Amenities Online- We are currently working on getting the squarefootage and amenties available online. This would include the size of land, bed/bath counts, squarefootage on homes and garages as well as any other structures on properties.

Remodel- Our office remodel is underway. The front end has been remodeled to be more professional looking, and provide easier access to property owners when meeting with staff.

Increased the Value of Employees- Implemented an "Office Feedback" page to showcase the excellent feedback Assessor's staff has received from constituents to boost moral.

E-File Affidavits - July 8th, 2015, Assessor Gus Martinez has enabled the filing of Sales Affidavits via e-file. This feature will make it easier, cheaper, and will save time, paper, and  money for title companies, as well as taxpayers.

Informational Videos - On March 2nd of 2015, The Office of the Santa Fe County Assessor began creating informational videos to better serve contituents with information on benefits, exemptions, and other valuable information to make communication with the office as easy as possible.

Story Maps - The Office of the Santa Fe County Assessor began utilizing "Story Maps" To make it eaiser for constituents to discover how to file for exemptions, appeals, and also to located when the Office of the Assessor will be doing outreaches in locations near homes.

Change Finder - Beginning January 1st, 2016, the Office of the Santa Fe County Assessor will be utilizing "Change Finder." This program will allow the Assessor's Staff to discover changes in construction/demolition, and additions across the county. This process will utilize aerial photography provided by Pictometry. These smart images will also allow appraisers to accurately measure homes.

Deed/Plat Information Online - On November 16, 2015, the Office of the Santa Fe County Assessor has implemented Deed book and pages, deed instrument numbers, as well as Plat Book and pages (If available) on the Parcel Map Search. This will provide convenience to constituents as well as to title companies and real estate companies.

Protest Online - On April 1st, 2016, We enabled to the option of filing protests online. Over 1,700 protests were submitted using the Customer Relationship Management Portal.

Emailed Notices of Value - On Janurary 1st we allowed property owners to sign up to receive their Notices of Value via email. On March 31 over 50 Notices were emailed to multiple property owners. Many more have singed up using the Customer Relationship Management Portal.

Advertising - During the months of March and April we used multple modes of advertisement; Local newspapers, local radio, local television, and local magazines, to promote exemptions and benefits available available in our office. Using these modes of advertisement we also promoted outreach meeting locations that were conducted during the month of April. These advertisements boosted outreach meeting attendence by up to 2000% in some areas.

Public Information Program Award - In August 2016, The Office of the Santa Fe County Assessor received an international Public Information Award from the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO). The Public Information Program Award recognizes an assessment jurisdiction that has developed and implemented an effective way to disseminate information about the assessment process. The Office of the Santa Fe County Assessor received this award for how well they connect with the community online and in-person to ensure all constituents have easy access to information.

Fair & Equitable Magazine Feature - In April 2017 The Office of the Santa Fe County Assessor was featured in the International Association of Assessing Officer's magazine "Fair & Equitable" for the Public Information Program Award they received in 2016. This magazine is available to appraisal jurisdictions world wide.

BPP Online - December 2016, The Office of the Santa Fe County Assessor has enabled the filing of Business Personal Property Declartions online. This feature has enabled businesses to file Declarations without coming into the Assessor's office. The feature will make it easier for future filings as it will remember past declarations.

Smart Aerial Imagery - 2017, The Office of the Santa Fe County Assessor has obtained a 6 year contract with Pictometry. Pictometry specializes in smart aerial imagery. In 2015 Pictometry assisted with the discovery of properties that were not on tax rolls, which turned out to be 12.5 Million dollars in taxable value.

Procedural Handbook - 2017, The Office of the County Assessor completed its first ever procedural handbook to ensure all processes can be readily available for all employees. The goal is to make sure every employee is trained at a standard to ensure quality and correctness.

Public Sector Champion Jurisdiction of the Year - September 2017, The Office of the Santa Fe County Assessor received the Public Sector Champion award, Jurisdiction of the Year, from Thomson Reuters, for their continued efforts in public information through online live chat, outreach meetings, and high level of customer service. The Office of the Santa Fe County Assessor continues to ensure easily available access to information via their website and social media outlets.

The Importance of Customer Service and Information Technology Presentation - September 25th 2017. The Office of the Santa Fe County Assessor was selected to present at the International Association of Assessing Officers on their innovative techniques on promoting customer service using the technologies available for the modern assessor. Watch Presentation Here!

Reappraisal Project Year 3 of 5 - January 2018 marked the completion of  year 3 of the 5 year reappraisal project. By statute the Santa Fe County Assessor is required to visit each property in the county once every 5 years. The Santa Fe County Assessor's office began inspecting the southern portion of the county in 2015, moved up the county in 2016, and most recently completed inspections in the northern portion of the county. In 2018 The office will begin the 4th phase of the project which will be within the city of Santa Fe.

IAAO Certificate of Excellence in Assessment Administration - July 23, 2019 International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) recognizes jurisdictions that utilize best appraisal and assessment practices in their offices. Out of 3,007 jurisdictions nationally, our office is only the 47th jurisdiction in the United States and the 1st in New Mexico to receive this prestigious award.