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Real Estate Appraisal

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Real Estate Appraisal Program Manager
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The Real Estate division of the Assessor’s Office is responsible for the majority of the office’s data entry along with determining the valuation for residential Building Permits, Personal Property and Agricultural Properties. This division receives all inquiries from internal and external entities and maintains the data in both office programs.

Our responsibilities and duties include:

  • Updating ownership and mailing address records
  • Entry and removal of the following exemptions: Head of Family, Veterans/Disabled Veterans, Valuation Freeze applications and Affordable Housing
  • Entering sales information to assist our office C.A.M.A. Specialist in collecting data to assist our Residential and Commercial appraisers in determining a fair market value.
  • Updating Manufactured Home records through the Motor Vehicle Division’s Tapestry Report, tax releases and discoveries. There are currently 7,378 Manufactured Home parcels in Santa Fe County
  • Creating new Manufactured Home accounts.
  • Converting Manufactured Homes to Real Property
  • Picking up and valuing new residential construction within Santa Fe County through our Building Permits process
  • Receiving annual Business Personal Property Renditions and entering the reported assets into our Ascend program to generate a Personal Property Notice of Value. There are 3,159 active Business Personal Property parcel accounts.
  • Receiving annual CAB reports from the New Mexico Property Tax Division for Centrally Assessed property and entering the reported values into our Ascend program to generate a Centrally Assessed Notice of Value. There are 206 Centrally Assessed parcels in Santa Fe County.
  • Receiving and reviewing applications for a Special Method of Value on properties utilized for agricultural purposes.
  • Enter approved agricultural applications into our office’s Ascend and ProVal programs, value is determined by field reviews and the guidelines set by the statutes and regulations of the State of New Mexico.
  • Maintaining all Livestock parcels base on submitted Declarations or Disposals. There are currently 544 Livestock Parcels.
  • Receiving and completing all Title Research Requests from internal and external entities.
  • Reviewing protested values on Personal Property, Manufactured Home, Livestock and Agricultural parcels.
  • Entering value modifications that were a result in a final determination of valuation through protest or 3% violations.

County Assessor Gus Martinez values your feedback. Please consider sharing with him your experiences with the Real Estate Appraisal Division.

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Lenin Armendariz
NM Certified Appraiser
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Leonard Vigil
Appraiser Senior
NM Certified Appraiser
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Chris Oakeley
NM Certified Appraiser
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Henry Garcia
Title Examiner
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Margaret Barela
Assessment Specialist II
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(505) 992-6743

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Anita Lucero
Assessment Specialist
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Julia Romero
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Miquela Segura
Clerical Assistant
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