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If the property deed(s) is in joint tenants, no probate is required, although please follow-up with the County Assessor’s Office for further information.

If a probate is required, all original documents filed for the purposes of a probate remain in the County Clerk’s probate filing system.  When applying and dropping off a new probate, please be sure to bring an original or certified copy of the death certificate, and the original will of the decedent if a will is available.  Also, be sure that all documents are filled out legibly and accompanied with the correct fee amount; we accept cash, check, or money order.  

All requests for public record copy(ies) must be in written form along with the correct copying fees and the book and page/instrument number of the recorded property documents associated with the probate.

Ex-Officio Probate Clerk
Geraldine Salazar, Santa Fe County Clerk

Probate Records Requests:  copy fees $1.00 per page or a certified copy $2.00 for the first page & $1.00 for each page thereafter per document

Probate Packets: fee $5.00

Probate Filing: fee $30.00


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