Important Information:

Apply early for an absentee ballot for the upcoming Primary Election. Ballots need at least 7 days to travel to voters and another 7 to return to the Clerk's office. Click for more information.

 June 7th, 2022 Primary - Voter Information

In Person Voting

Early Voting - Begins Tues., May 10th

Expanded Early Voting - Begins Sat., May 21st

Election Day Voting - Tues., June 7th

 Election Dates

Jan 31 - Proclamation | English | Spanish

Feb 1 - Federal & State-wide candidate filing day

Mar 8 - Filing day for local candidates from 9am to 5pm at the Clerk's Office. 

Mid-April - Absentee ballot request portal opens at Online requests are recommended.

May 10th - Last day to register to vote online; ballots to US addresses begin mailing; in-person voting begins at the Clerk's Office during business hours.

May 21st - Expanded early voting begins throughout the county at expanded early voting locations

Sat., June 4th - Last day of early voting.

Tu., June 7th - Election Day 7am to 7pm.


On the Ballot

Candidate Information Declared Candidates


The primary election is for major party candidates: Democrats, Libertarians and Republicans. Minor party and Independent voters can declare a major party online until May 10th or same-day register at any open polling location.

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