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Santa Fe County Santa Fe County Clerk

Santa Fe County Clerk

GERALDINE SALAZAR | Clerk (D) | Term 2017 - 2020


Recording Info and FAQ


Recording Information

Real Estate Documents
In order to be accepted for recording in Santa Fe County, a document must relate to property in Santa Fe County, have original signature, and have the notary's original signature.
SB497 New Mexico Homeowner Association

Plats SB406
We require that a mylar and two legible black line copies be submitted for plat recordings. The plat must be notarized, and unless the property is a condo, the plat must have either a county/city public notice, or approval signatures from the county/city land use administrator.

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Filings
The Santa Fe County Clerk’s office records only UCCs that pertain to real estate; all other UCCs need to be filed at the Secretary of State's Office. Please see our Recording and Filing Fee Schedule for UCC recording fees.

Recording fees are due at the time of recording. Payment is accepted in either cash or check form. For a complete list of our recording and copy fees, please see: Recording and Filing Fee Schedule. Ordinance 2011-12

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What is required to record a document to the public record?

Q. What type of Deed must I use to transfer property (Warranty Deed, Special Warranty Deed or Quitclaim Deed)?

Q. Who is responsible for notifying the Santa Fe County Assessor of transfer of ownership of property?

Q. Will you accept a certified copy of a document for recording?

Q. Can I have a record search conducted by you?

Q. Are recorded images of documents available by computer online?

Q. Are recorded documents available for purchase at your office?

Q. How much is the cost for a copy of a recorded document?

Q. What are the fees to record a document?

Q. What is the procedure when filing a lien?

Q. Do you record UCCs (Uniform Commercial Code) documents?

Q. Do you accept multiple or “blanket” Assignments or Releases for recording?

Q. What is required to record a plat? SB406

Q. What is required to apply for a Marriage License?

Q. Do you have a judge who performs marriages?

Q. Do both parties have to be present when applying for a Marriage License?

Q. Will we need witnesses at our marriage ceremony?

Q. Can I get a certified copy of my Marriage License?

Q. Do you have divorce records?

Q. Where can I get information about Probates?

Q. Can I get a copy of my birth certificate from your office?

Q. Can I get a copy of a Death Certificate?

Q. Does the County Clerk's Office provide notary services? If so at what cost?


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