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Santa Fe County

Community Services

Community Centers For Rent

All activities at Santa Fe County owned or operated Community Centers will be postponed until further notice. Affected Community Centers include the following: Nancy Rodriguez, El Rancho, Cundiyo, the Max Coll Corridor Community Center in Eldorado, Rio En Medio, La Cienega, Nambe Community Center, and the Bennie J. Chavez Community Center in Chimayo.

Mission Statement

Community Centers that are owned or leased to the County of Santa Fe are for the use of County residents and are to be used primarily for public purposes which benefit the community. Priority for using the Centers is given to public events and activities open and geared toward the community at large. Centers can not be used for any business, profit making endeavors or political events. The Centers are managed by the Community Operations Division of the Community Services Department.

Documents & Information

Resolution: 2013-61 - Resolution Establishing Community Center Trustees
Establishing Community Center Trustees, And Repealing And Replacing Policies For County Owned Or Leased Community Centers»

Renting a Community Center?

Contact Us

If you have questions please contact Gina Montoya at (505) 992-9876 or at [bot protected email address].

Applications can be faxed to (505) 992-9854 or mailed to:

Santa Fe County Community Services Department
Attn: Gina Montoya
901 W. Alameda Suite D
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505

Rio en Medio/ Chupadero Community Center
1 El Alto
Chupadero, NM 87506
Phone: (505) 988-3053

Gina Montoya
(505) 992-9876
[bot protected email address]

The Nancy Rodriguez Community Center  
1 Prairie Dog Loop
Santa Fe, NM 87507

Lois Mee
(505) 690-8843
[bot protected email address]

La Cienega Community Center
136 Camino San Jose (CR 50-A), La Cienega NM
La Cienega, NM

Gina Montoya
(505) 992-9876
[bot protected email address]

El Rancho Community Center
394 County Road 84
El Rancho, NM Phone: (505) 455-2195

Gina Montoya
(505) 992-9876
[bot protected email address]

Cundiyo Community Center
5 Jose Simon Drive
Cundiyo, NM 87552

Gina Montoya
(505) 992-9876
[bot protected email address]

Nambe Community Center
180 A SR 503
Nambe, NM

Narcisco Quintana
(505) 470-2035
[bot protected email address]

Max Coll Corridor Community Corridor
16 Avenida Torreon
Santa Fe, NM 87508

Lisa Lincoln
[bot protected email address]

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