Oil and Gas Drilling Ordinance

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Overview of SF County Oil & Gas Ordinance and Growth Management Planning Process, PlanningWorks - 7/17/08

Documents and Information

County Oil & Gas Ordinance Planning Website

Download the Final Ordinance 2008-19 - Recorded on 12/10/08 » [PDF 4.73MB]

Download the Final Draft Ordinance - 12/02/08 » [PDF 827kb]

Documents referenced at 09/30/2008 Meeting:

Download the Report on the Galisteo Basin -07/22/08 » [PDF 3.83MB]
Download the Emergency Interim Development Ordinance - 2/27/08 » [PDF 1MB]

Download the Interim Ordinance - 2/13/08 » [PDF 260kb]

Download Updated Oil & Gas Ordinance - 1/4/08 searchable text version » [PDF 170kb]

View Galisteo Basin map »

Galisteo Basin Growth Management Plan » [PDF 1.35MB] A Presentation to the Board of County Commissioners Community Development Review Committee June 10, 2008 by Bruce Peshoff

Download the Outreach Meeting List » [PDF 28kb]


Meetings and Meeting Minutes/Videos

October 16, 2008

Board of County Commissioners Community Development Review Committee Meeting.


August 12, 2008 Board of County Commissioners Meeting

Briefing On The Progress Since Adoption Of The Interim Development Ordinance Relating To Oil and Gas
(Dr. Robert H. Freilich/Penny Elise Green)


Download the Growth Management Zoning Strategy Presentation [PDF] »

June 9, 2008

Santa Fe Not Oil and Other Concerned Citizens Groups Focus Group Meeting

Download the Meeting Minutes [PDF] »

County Cancels Public Hearing for Oil & Gas Ordinance January 22, 2008

Santa Fe County has cancelled the first public hearing on the proposed new oil and gas ordinance. The hearing was slated for January 22nd at Santa Fe Community College. The public hearing schedule has been pushed back and is currently being revised.


December 6, 2007 Meeting (Santa Fe High)


Download the Transcript from the 12/06/07 Forum » [PDF 434kb]

Santa Fe County hosted a forum on December 6th at the Santa Fe High School Gymnasium to discuss proposed oil and gas drilling in the Galisteo Basin. County Commissioners, members of the state legislative delegation, County staff, and representatives from the state Oil Conservation Division were in attendance to hear from the community on this important issue. The meeting was simulcast live online and on the radio. At a date and time to be determined, the meeting will also air on SFG-TV 28.

November 27, 2007 Board of County Commissioners Meeting

Explanation of draft oil and gas ordinance by County Attorney Steve Ross (BCC Meeting, 11/27/07)



November 15, 2007 (Eldorado Elementary School)



Press Releases

County Temporarily Suspends New Drilling

2PM: Board Will Address Interim Drilling Ordinance on Feb. 26th

'Not for a Year'; County Proposes Temporary Suspension of New Drilling

No Oil & Gas Drilling Permits Considered for 6 Months

County Ordinance to Prohibit Drilling in Culturally Significant Areas

County Adds 2nd Written Comment Period for Oil & Gas Ordinance

Oil and Gas Drilling Public Input Schedule

Oil and Natural Gas Ordinance Meeting To Air on TV and Online

County Places Moratorium On Drilling

Santa Fe County Oil and Natural Gas Ordinance

FAQ About the Proposed Oil and Natural Gas Ordinance