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On July 01, 2016 the Santa Fe Film Office was jointly established by the County and City of Santa Fe to service, recruit and expand film and television production throughout the Santa Fe County/City region; support and develop community businesses providing goods and services to the industry; engage in community outreach and education regarding production activity; and work with partners in the public and private sectors to expand educational and employment opportunities in the production industry for local residents.

In its first year of operation the SFFO oversaw a two-fold increase in regional production from approximately $70 million in direct production spending inFY2016, to over $145 million in FY2017 [1]. This equated to approximately $450 million in total generated economic activity, with additional tens of millions generated in Film-Induced-Tourism (FIT) throughout the Santa Fe region. It was one of the most rapidly expanding economic sectors in the region over that period, employing hundreds of local workers, supporting dozens of local businesses, and generating millions of dollars to the general operating funds of the County and City.

Staffed by 2 FTE and working with other County and City divisions the SFFO supported projects including major motion pictures, studio and independent productions, television series and national/international travelogue shows, commercials, music videos, fashion and travel catalogue shoots, and a host of other projects. Productions included the feature films “Only the Brave,” “Hostiles,” and “Woman Walks Ahead,” television series “Longmire (Warner Bros.),” “Graves (Lionsgate),” and “Midnight, Texas (NBC/Universal),” and the Netflix original series “Godless.”

[1] Source: NM State Film Office

Since its creation in July, 2016, the Santa Fe Film Office has been busy! Notable films and television series from Santa Fe and surrounding areas from this past year include:

• “WACO” - six-part series
• “Hostiles”- starring Cristian Bale and Wes Studi
• “Woman Walks Ahead”
• “Logan” – on DVD/Streaming (note: 2018 Oscar nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay)
• "Godless" - Netflix original series
• “Only the Brave”
• “The Brave”
• “Graves”
• “Longmire”
• Runaway June - song “Wild West” - Music Video
• “Booze Traveler” and “Bizarre Foods” (Travel Channel)
• “Moveable Feast with Fine Cooking”
• “Travels With Darley” (PBS)

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