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Santa Fe County

Growth Management / Land Use


Chapter Five of the SLDC establishes the regulations that relate to the division of land into two or more parcels for any purpose. All lot divisions must comply with the lot size and zoning requirements of the SLDC. Subdivisions are classified as major or minor; major subdivisions require preliminary plat approval by the Land Use Administrator, affirmative opinions from reviewing agencies and tribal governments, a public hearing on the application and final plat approval.  

“Exempt land divisions” generally have fewer procedural requirements. The following are the types of land divisions that are characterized as exempt land divisions, descriptions of each are in Section 5.4.3 of the SLDC.

· Lot Line Adjustment

· Family Transfer

· Large Agricultural Tracts

· Apartments or Offices

· Land Divisions within Municipalities

· Severance of Mineral Interests

· Court Ordered Divisions

· Grazing or Farming

· Burials

· Security Interests

· Large Parcels

· Certain Donations

· Single Parcels in Less than Five Year

· Boundary Plat

· Consolidation Plat

· Easement Plat

· Plat Amendment

· Sending Area Plat


To begin the process for any of these exempt land divisions, contact the listed staff member on our Staff Directory page.


Major Subdivisions Minor Subdivisions
Type One: 500+ parels* Type Three (minor): 2-5 parcels*
Type Two: 25-499 parcels*  
Type Three (major): 6-24 parcels* Type Five: 2-24 parcels**
Type Four: 25+ parcels**  

* Where any parcel is less than ten (10) acres in size.
** Where each parcel is greater than ten (10) acres in size.

Separate procedures are prescribed for review of major and minor subdivisions in Table 4-1 to reflect differing levels of complexity in the applications. Before any land is subdivided, the applicant shall apply for and secure approval of the proposed subdivision in accordance with the following procedures:

Major Subdivision: In the case of major subdivisions, the procedure shall include two principal steps: (i) preliminary plat approval and (ii) final plat approval.

Minor Subdivision: In the case of minor subdivisions, the procedure shall include administrative approval of the final plat in a single step known as summary review. Preliminary plat review is not required for minor subdivisions.   

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