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Growth Management / Land Use


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San Marcos Planning Committee Meetings

Wednesday, March 25th, 2020
Turquoise Trail Charter School Library
13A San Marcos Loop, Santa Fe NM


The Santa Fe County Board of County Commissioners adopted the 2019 San Marcos Community District Plan on Tuesday, October 29th 2019 via Resolution No. 2019-133

<<Resolution 2019-133>>


San Marcos Community Plan











Santa Fe County has initiated a planning process with San Marcos District.

The San Marcos Planning Committee is open at all times to anyone who wants to participate. For more information, contact Lucy Foma, Senior Community Planner at [bot protected email address] 


 << Click the image above to view the Adopted 2019 San Marcos Community District Plan >>

Overlay Adoption Process

24th Planning Committee Meeting: Agenda 2.26.20, , February 26th Meeting Summary

23rd Planning Committee Meeting:  Agenda 1.22.20, January 22nd Meeting Summary

Abbreviated San Marcos Use Matrix Comparison
San Marcos Use Matrix Comparison and Recommendations

22nd Planning Committee Meeting: Agenda 11.20.19, November 20th Meeting Summary Amended

11.15.19 Draft Overlay Changes
11.20.19 Meeting Follow Up
San Marcos Commercial Neighborhood 100 Ft. Buffer from Centerline Map
San Marcos Rural Residential 100 Ft. Buffer from Centerline Map
San Marcos Rural 100 Ft. Buffer from Centerline Map

21st Planning Committee Meeting:
Agenda 7.17.19, July 17th Meeting Summary

Group Definition of "Neighborhood Scale"
San Marcos/Santa Fe County SLDC Use Matrix Comparison Table

20th Planning Committee Meeting: Agenda 7.10.19, July 10th Meeting Summary

Public Comments Summary June 19th and 27th
Proposed Amendments to June 2019 Draft

Public Presentation Open House Meetings:

19th Planning Committee Meeting: Agenda 6.5.19, June 5th Meeting Summary

San Marcos District Plan Draft 5.29.19 Comments

18th Planning Committee Meeting: Agenda 5.29.19, May 29th Meeting Summary

May 29th, 2019 Draft

17th Planning Committee Meeting: Agenda 5.15.19, May 15th Meeting Summary

San Marcos District Plan Draft 4.24.19 Comments

16th Planning Committee Meeting: Agenda 4.24.19, April 24th Meeting Summary

(Click image above to view draft plan)

15th Planning Committee Meeting: Agenda 4.17.19, April 17th Meeting Summary

 San Marcos District Overlay Concepts

San Marcos Rural Residential and NM 14 Current Setbacks

14th Planning Committee Meeting: Agenda 3.27.19, March 27th Meeting Summary

13th Planning Committee Meeting: Agenda 2.27.19, February 27th Meeting Summary

2019 San Marcos Review Comparison Tool (Blue Tool) 

12th Planning Committee Meeting: Agenda 1.30.19, January 30th Meeting Summary

2019 San Marcos District Plan Draft 1.25.19, Planning Process Overview

11th Planning Committee Meeting: Agenda 1.9.19, January 9th Meeting Summary

Draft Land Use Plan 1.9.19

10th Planning Committee Meeting: Agenda 11.28.18, November 28th Meeting Summary

San Marcos Land Use Element
San Marcos Comparison with County
Proposed Overlay Zones

 9th Planning Committee Meeting: Agenda 10.24.18 October 24th Meeting Summary

Infrastructure Section 10.19.18
Land Use Section 10.19.18
Cultural Resource Section 10.19.18

8th Planning Committee Meeting: Agenda 9.26.18, September 26th Meeting Summary

Agricultural Resources Analysis with Visions, Issues and Connecting Actions 9.28.18

Natural Resources Analysis with Visions, Issues and Connecting Actions 9.19.18

7th Planning Committee Meeting: Agenda 8.29.18, August 29th Meeting Summary

6th Planning Committee Meeting: Agenda 7.25.18, July 25th Meeting Summary

Roadmap 7.19.18

5th Planning Committee Meeting: Agenda 6.27.18, June 27th Meeting Summary

Community Services Analysis 7.12.18
Infrastructure Analysis 6.27.18 

4th Planning Committee Meeting: Agenda 5.30.18May 30th Meeting Summary

History of San Marcos 7.12.18, Land Use Analysis 5.25.18 

3rd Planning Committee Meeting: Agenda 4.25.18April 25th Meeting Summary

Agricultural Analysis Draft 5.8.18, Natural Resources Analysis Draft 5.7.18
Cultural Resources Analysis Draft 5.7.18

Agricultural Issues, Connecting Actions, Vision Table Write-Up 5.2.18
Natural and Cultural Resources Issues, Connecting Actions, Vision Table Write-Up 5.2.18

2nd Planning Committee Meeting: March 28th AgendaMarch 28th Meeting Summary 

                            San Marcos Vision 3.28.18San Marcos Issues 3.28.18 
Issues, Connecting Actions, Vision Table Write-Up 3.28.18

1st Planning Committee Meeting: February 28th AgendaFebruary 28th Meeting Summary

Kickoff Meeting: February 7th AgendaFebruary 7th Meeting Summary




2015 San Marcos Update

2006 San Marcos District Plan


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