Additional Employee Benefits

Employee Assistance Program

This is a free, professional and confidential counseling program designed to assist employees with and their families with any issues they perceive to be a problem. All employees and their immediate family member living in the same household receive six counseling sessions per issue, per household member. For more information please visit

Tuition Assistance

Employees may be granted up to $2,500 pe year in Tuition Assistance  to enhance their performance and professional abilities.

Workers Compensation

Employees injured on the job are entitled to benefits under the New Mexico Workers’ Compensation Act. This program provides salary benefits to eligible employees.

Supplemental Benefits

Premium Only Plan (POP)
POP is a pre-tax premium conversion plan that allows County employees to have their medical, dental, and vision insurance premiums removed from their pay BEFORE TAXES are calculated and deducted thus reducing your taxable income and INCREASING YOUR NET TAKE HOME PAY.

Flexible Spending

Flex New Mexico is a pre-tax account that allows you to set aside money for your yearly Medical Care, Dependent Care, and Commuter/Transportation expenses. This pre-tax dollar benefit will deduct the amount from your paycheck before Federal and State Income Taxes, and Social Security Taxes. When an employee enrolls, they decide how much to contribute to each account for the entire Plan year and the money is deducted from the employees' paycheck in equal amounts over the course of the plan year. For more information please visit