Santa Fe County 2017 Health Services Gap Analysis

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November 7, 2017

The Santa Fe County Community Services Department (CSD) is leading efforts to create an Accountable Health Community (AHC) in Santa Fe County. An AHC is a healthy community with sufficient services and capacities to support the health and safety of its residents. Using leadership and aligning resources and efforts, CSD desires to implement an AHC model that creates a common vision, shares resources, recognizes everyone has a role in implementation, facilitates collaboration, and provides an experience where the whole community benefits.

One activity CSD has undertaken as part of the AHC initiative is an analysis of the County’s population and needs along with identifying key gaps in existing services available to meet those needs. This report of the Health Services Gap Analysis project looks at:

• Demographics and population details of Santa Fe County residents;
• Individual health care risks and challenges faced by County residents; and
• Systemic and provider issues impacting access to health services and to the well-being of County residents.

The gap analysis team reviewed quantitative data from a variety of sources including the U.S. Census Bureau, the New Mexico Department of Health’s Indicator Based Information System (NM – IBIS), University of New Mexico studies, the Share NM website, local and national foundation and organizational studies, and other state and federal data sources. The team also facilitated eight public town halls, conducted 22 key informant interviews, held five provider specific focus groups, and conducted a survey of local service providers. The goal of each of these qualitative opportunities was to engage with interested County residents to discuss barriers to care and good health, the cultural relevance of care, service capacity and unmet needs, as well as to gather recommendations for improving health and related human services and for promoting wellness and community health. The gap analysis report captures that quantitative data and qualitative input and summarizes themes and recommendations. 

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