Teen Court Seeking Site for New Mural

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December 1, 2017

Teen Court of Santa Fe County is seeking a site for a new mural. Interested parties should reply to the Site Request (below) via email: [bot protected email address]  or in person: 2052 S. Galisteo Street by 5 pm December 17, 2017.

After the Site Committee selects a site from requests received, local artists will be sought out to facilitate the project and a similar process will take place to select the artist.

Murals developed by Teen Court participants in conjunction with the chosen artist may be painted on either County-owned or non-County owned buildings. For murals on County-owned Sites, the County will cover all costs associated with the mural, including without limitation, the artist, materials and maintenance. For murals on Sites not owned by the County, the County will only pay for the artist; the property owner is responsible for all other costs.

  • To be considered by the Committee, an applicant (“Applicant”), who may or may not be the Property Owner, must submit a letter of request to include the following: Applicant’s name, telephone number, email address and mailing address, if different from the Site.
  • If the Applicant is not the Property Owner, the Property Owner’s name, telephone number, email address and mailing address, if different from the Site address.
  • Address of Site, as well as photographs of the wall on which the proposed mural will be created.
  • The name of the Site, if applicable (e.g., the Santa Fe Public Library or the County’s Human Resources Building).
  • With Sites not owned by the County, a five-year and ten-year maintenance plan to include who will maintain the mural if the work is damaged or needs attention.
  • Photographs of the surrounding area (including structures immediately adjacent to the Site).
  • Ability to secure funding.
  • Whether the Site is County-owned.
  • If the Applicant is leasing the Site, the length of the lease. If applicable, the Applicant shall include a copy of the lease with the letter of request.

*If the Applicant is not the Property Owner, a signed and notarized letter from the Property Owner stating that he or she:

  • Approves the Site as a proposed location for a mural.
  • Shall be responsible for maintenance of the mural in accordance with industry conservation standards.
  • Agrees to indemnify the County and include something akin to the following in the letter: “I agree to hold the County harmless from and against any loss, liability, damage or cost it may incur, now and forever, arising out of or related to the mural.”
  • Wishes to be involved in the mural design and choosing the artist or whether the Property Owner prefers for the Applicant be the point of contact and decision maker.
  • Intends to sell the Site in the next ten years.