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October 30, 2018 Board of County Commissioner Summary

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October 30, 2018

October 30, 2018 BCC Summary

Below is a summary of the actions taken by the Santa Fe Board of County Commissioners (BCC) at their regular meeting on October 30, 2018.  All five (5) Commissioners were present. 

The BCC meeting minutes from the September 25, 2018 Board of County Commissioners Meeting were approved as amended by a unanimous vote, 5-0.


 Recognition of Years of Service for Santa Fe County Employees.

o   Twenty (20) Years:          Donna Morris- CMO/Finance

Dennis Patty- Fire Administration

Marie Garcia- Community Services/EMS-Health Care

Diana Ortiz-Acosta- Housing Department

Vicente Archuleta- Growth Management/Land Use

Victoria Lucero- Growth Management/Land Use

Sammy Romero- Public Works/Building Services

Frankie Baca- Public Works/Open Space

Anthony Maez- Sheriff’s Office

Frederick Suazo- Sheriff’s Office

o   Twenty-one (21) Years:                 Victor Gonzales- Housing Department

Jasper Roybal- Public Works/Property Control

Stacy Garcia- Public Works/ Road Maintenance

o   Twenty-two (22) Years:                 Richard Chang- Public Works/Road Maintenance

Paul Kavanaugh- Growth Management/Land Use

Robin Gurule- CMO/Legal

Lisa Griego- Public Works/Administration

Dolores Olivas- CMO/Finance

Mark Rodriguez- Public Works/Administration

o   Twenty-three (23) Years:   Robert Martinez- Public Works/Administration

Anthony Ruscetti- Fire Administration

Socorro Ojeda- Growth Management/Land Use

Erle Wright- Growth Management/Land Use

Penny Ellis-Green- Growth Management/Administration

Mark Lujan- Legal/Risk Management

o   Twenty-four (24) Years: Angie Tapia- Assessor’s Office

Marianne Martinez- Treasurer’s Office

Anthony Gallegos- Public Works/Building Services

o   Twenty-five (25) Years:   Ester Artino- Clerk’s Office

Mike Romero- Public Works/Property Control

Joseph Martinez- Public Works/Solid Waste

o   Thirty-three (33) Years:  Alan Vigil- Public Works/Road Maintenance

·        Introduction of New Santa Fe County Employees.

·        Recognition of Santa Fe County Employee of the Quarter, 3rd Quarter of 2018 Awards.

o   Community Services:     Maria Lohmann, Senior Planner

o   Public Works:                     Colleen Baker, Project Manager III

o   Support Services:             Adamina Pino, Accounts Payable Supervisor

o   Public Safety:                     Matthew Duran, Case Manager

o   Elected Offices:                Randy Estrada, Appraiser


Colleen Baker was selected Employee of the Quarter for the third quarter of 2018.


·        Recognition of Paul Olafson, Planning Projects Manager on Receiving the Professional Planner Award from New Mexico American Planning Association.


Consent Agenda (Action Items)

All Consent Agenda items passed by a unanimous vote 5-0.

Final Orders

o   BCC Case # SLAP 18-5120 Glorieta 2.0, Variances Appeal. Mike Adney and Jeff Hanus, Appellants, Appealed the Planning Commission’s Final Order Regarding Variances of the Following Sections of Ordinance No. 2016-9 the Sustainable Land Development Code (SLDC): Table 7-13: Rural Road Classification and Design Standards (SDA-2 and SDA-3) Regarding Width and Grade of Roads; Section (No Structure May be Constructed on a Natural Slope of 30% or Greater); Section (Roads and Driveways Shall Not Be Designed or Constructed on Slopes Over 25%); Section (Disturbed Area On Any Lot Shall Not Exceed 12,000 Square Feet); Section (No Significant Tree May be Removed From Slopes Greater Than 30%); Table 8-17, Dimensional Standards-Public/Institutional (PI) Regarding the Flyline Zip Line Structure Exceeding the Maximum Allowable Height of 48 Ft.; and Section (Height for Structures on Slopes of 15% or Greater). The 2,227.44 + Acre Site is Zoned as Public Institutional (650 + Acres)/Rural (1,500 + Acres)/Rural Fringe (78 + Acres) and is Located at 11 State Road 50, within T16N, R11E, Section 22, SDA-2 (Commission District 4). Jose E. Larrañaga, Case Manager (Appeal Denied 5-0)


o   Approval of County Health Care Assistance Claims in the Amount of $23,614.88. 

o   County Line Extension and Water Delivery Agreement Between Santa Fe County and John Ballew for Avanti Business Park.

o   Approval of Lease Agreement No. 2019-0036-PW/FD/SO Between Santa Fe County and XCell Towers II, LLC for the Lease of Cabinet and Antenna Tower Space on Tesuque Peak for Use By Public Safety for Certain Electronic Communications Equipment. 

o   Approval of Agreement No. 2018-0141-T-PW/IC for Various Automotive Parts, Equipment, Tires, and Miscellaneous Supplies for the Public Works Department and the Fire Department and Grant Signature Authority to the County Manager to Sign the Purchase Order. 

o   Approval of Multiple Source, Multiple Year, and Indefinite Quantity Contracts Nos. 2018-0288-A-PW/MAM, and 2018-B-PW/MAM to Provide Installation of Roadway Guardrails, Barrier Cable & Component Services for Existing County Road Improvements and Maintenance Projects; Granting Signature Authority to the County Manager to Sign the Purchase Orders.  


o   Resolution No. 2018-112, A Resolution Requesting a Budget Increase to the Fire Impact Fee Fund (216) for Facility Improvements to Various Fire District Stations / $262,456. 

o   Resolution No. 2018-113, A Resolution Requesting a Budget Increase to the Lodger’s Tax Advertising Fund (215) for Additional Revenues and Expenditures Totaling $250,000. 

o   Resolution No. 2018-114, A Resolution Requesting to Budget Revenue and Expenditures for BLM Award No. 14L2218P0015 in the Amount of $15,000. 

(End of Consent Agenda)                                                                                                                           

 Action Items


o   Resolution No. 2018-115, A Resolution Requesting a Budget Increase to the Fire Protection Fund (209) to Budget the Available FY18 Cash Balance for Various Fire Districts / $4,495,530.  Approved 4-0, with Commissioner Roybal not present at the time of the vote.


o   Authorization to Publish Title and General Summary of Ordinance No 2018-___, An Ordinance Establishing a Fire Code for Santa Fe County by Adopting and Modifying the 2015 Edition of the International Fire Code; Adopting and Modifying the 2015 Edition of the International Wildland-Urban Interface Code; Regulating Fireworks and Excessive Fire Alarms; Requiring Fire Inspections; Providing for Fire Protection System Plan Reviews; Regulating Gates Obstructing Access to Properties; Providing for the Issuance of Permits and Collection of Fees; Repealing Santa Fe County Ordinance Nos. 1988-3, 1991-7 as Amended by 1998-11, and 2001-11; and Repealing Santa Fe County Resolution Nos. 2001-114 as Amended by 2003-47, and 2000-55. Approved 4-0, with Commissioner Moreno not present at the time of the vote.

Santa Fe County Board of Finance

The Board of County Commissioners of Santa Fe County Temporarily Adjourned and Reconvened as the Santa Fe County Board of Finance.

·        Presentation of the County’s Investment Report for the Five Months Ending­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ September 30, 2018.

·        Approval of the County Treasurer’s Investment Strategy for the Next 6-Months. (Action Item) Approved by a vote of 5-0.

The Santa Fe County Board of Finance Adjourned and Reconvened as the Board of County Commissioners of Santa Fe County.

Matters From the County Manager

Miscellaneous Updates

·        Update on the October 23, 2018, Award of the Sale of General Obligation Improvement Bonds, Series 2018. 

·        Update on Surveying Services for Rights-of-Ways of County Maintained Roads within the Pueblos of Nambe, Tesuque, San Ildefonso, and Pojoaque.

Matters from County Commissioners

Presentations and Proclamations (Action Items)

·        Approval of a Proclamation Remembering and Honoring Dr. Valerie Friedman McNown “Dr. Val,” Dr. Wilfred Friedman, Mrs. Ann Friedman.  Approved by a vote of 5-0.

Commissioner Issues and Comments, Including but not Limited to Constituent Concerns, Recognitions, and Requests for Updates or Future Presentations. (Non-Action Items)=

Matters from Other Elected Officials (Non-Action Items) 

Elected Officials Issues and Comments, Including but not Limited to Updates, Concerns, Recognitions.

Matters From the County Attorney

·        Executive Session. Limited Personnel Matters, as Allowed by Section 10-15-1(H)(2) NMSA 1978; Board Deliberations in Public Hearing(s) on the Agenda, as Allowed by Section 10-15-1(H)(3) NMSA 1978;  Discussion of Contents of Competitive Sealed Proposals Pursuant to the Procurement Code During Contract Negotiations as Allowed by Section 10-15-1(H)(6); Threatened or Pending Litigation in which Santa Fe County is or May Become a Participant, as Allowed by Section 10-15-1 (H)(7) NMSA 1978; and, Discussion of the Purchase, Acquisition or Disposal of Real Property or Water Rights, as Allowed by Section 10-15-1 (H)(8) NMSA 1978.

o   Aamodt Settlement/Pojoaque Basin Regional Water System

o   USA/Santa Clara Pueblo et al. V City of Espanola (USDC)

o   GRT Litigation

o   City of Chicago V Jefferson B. Sessions III, Attorney General of the United States

No action was taken as a result of Executive Session.

Public Hearings

Land Use Cases (Possible Action Items)*

o   BCC CASE # MIS 18-5210 Santa Fe Brewing Winegrower Liquor License. Santa Fe Brewing, Applicant, Request Approval of a Winegrowers License, with on Premises Consumption, with Patio Service, and Package Sales. The Property is Located at 35 Fire Place, and is Zoned as Employment Center (EC) Within the PD-1 Community College District (CCD-EC), within Section 35, Township 15 North, Range 8 East, (Commission District 5).  Approved by a vote of 4-0, with Commissioner Roybal not present at the time of the vote.


o   Ordinance No. 2018-7, An Ordinance Amending Santa Fe County Ordinance No. 2014-10 (“Solid Waste and Recycling Management Ordinance”) to Reduce the Cost of Using County Convenience Centers.  (Final Public Hearing) Approved by a vote of 4-1, with Commissioner Moreno voting in the negative.

Information Items

·        Community Services Department Monthly Report

·        Growth Management Department Monthly Report

·        Public Safety Department Monthly Report

·        Public Works Department Monthly Report

·        Finance Division Monthly Report

·        Human Resources Division Monthly Report


Concluding Business

          A. Announcements

          B. Adjournment (Action Item)

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