engage is a program that supports individuals to identify their priorities and engage in the life they want to live. Law enforcement and community partners divert individuals suspected of low-level, non-violent crimes or those struggling with behavioral health issues to long term case management.

engage case managers listen without judgement to hopes, dreams and priorities, and assist individuals to pursue what matters to them.  There is no cost; the only requirement is a willingness to engage in services.

engage is:

  • voluntary
  • participant driven; we listen to what is important to the individual and help them achieve their goals
  • non-coercive and nonjudgmental
  • based in harm reduction; abstinence from substance use is not required
  • a partnership between the individual, the program and the community

For more information, call 505 986-6372.


engage: a law enforcement assisted diversion program


engage: a law enforcement perspective


engage: a participant perspective







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Capital & Priority Projects for SFC Public Works

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Santa Fe County Public Works is one of the largest departments in Santa Fe County with 175 positions inclusive of roads, utilities, open space, trails, facilities, fleet, solid waste, traffic, and real property. We serve both internal and external customers daily with over 75% of our workforce is in the field. Typically, Public Works consists of operations and maintenance. We oversee and maintain 120 County buildings while also being the construction base for local government in regards to projects.

For Santa Fe County Utility, we serve 4000 customers and provides water and wastewater services.

Automated Bulk Water Dispensing Facility is a key service in Santa Fe County. While we only have 1 dispensing facility, called Ojo de Agua it offsets people needs for domestic water (livestock, cooking, drinking, and irrigation) while also providing commercial customers water for dust mitigation and construction. Approximately 1 million gallons of water are pulled from the station a year.

Vertical/Open Space/Utility Projects

  • Santa Fe River Trail and Greenway Project
    • Santa Fe County plans to construct a 10-foot wide concrete multi- use trail along the Santa Fe River from Siler Road to San Ysidro Crossing as part of the Regional Trail System. This trail extension will provide both recreational opportunities and serve as an alternative transportation route. The project will also consist of a newly paved .36-mile road that will be approximately 22-feet wide and will provide all weather access to several properties.  The road will be accessed from San Ysidro Crossing. A newly paved trailhead with 14 parking spaces which can be accessed from Siler Road will be constructed as part of the Santa Fe River Greenway design. Once completed, the trail will provide connectivity from Downtown Santa Fe to Romero Park which is located off Caja Del Oro Grant Road.  The County has been working in a joint effort with the City of Santa Fe, Santa Fe Metropolitan Planning Organization and the New Mexico Historic Preservation Division to ensure that certain aspects of the design meet all state and local requirements.  The goal is for the County to start construction by fall of 2023.
  • Cerillos Senior Center/Fire Station
    • Project Budget: $4,954,963.57 construction
    • Project Scope: Design and construct a new combined Senior Center and Volunteer Fire Station facility under one roof with the ability to expand both in the future.
    • Procurement: Design/Bid/Build
    • Contractors: General Construction: Duke City Builders, LLC Architect: Lloyd and Associates
    • Furniture: Creative Interiors, Inc.
    • Solar: Sol Luna Solar
    • Projected Substantial Completion Date: 3/30/2024
    • Current Project Status: Pad site completed two weeks ahead of schedule. Underground PNM electric hookup now being constructed. Next phase will be foundation construction.

Abedon Lopez Senior Center Demolition & Rebuild

  • Project Budget: $4,935,021.00
  • Project Scope: Design, Demo and Re-Build a new Community Center.
  • Procurement: CES JOC
  • Design: Studio Southwest Architecture
  • Contractors: Jaynes Inc.
  • Current Project Status: Board of County Commissioners approved demo package on 5/30/23. Received PO for demolition. Phase I PO produced for Jaynes 6.13.23.
  • 100% DD’s complete and first cost estimate status. Including phase 1 (Jaynes -$992K) for demo & retaining wall; estimate total is $3.6 million.

Turquoise Trail Bulk Water Station

  • Project Budget: $ 850,000.00
  • Project Scope: Tie in to existing County water line at Turquoise Trail Elementary School and install 2.3 miles of waterline to connect TT Fire Station and design a Flow Point Bulk Water Station, which will be installed as part of scope. Will receive donation of property from Rancho Viejo Inc.
  • Procurement: SFC for on call surveying/ CES for design services Contractors: Wilson & Co. for design work
  • Projected Substantial Completion Date: TBD
  • Current Project Status: Survey PO obtained 6.13.23. Met with Warren Thompson, Rancho Viejo landowner 6.23.23 to discuss usage of his land in exchange for 5 taps to County Water when line is installed. New drawings with new property boundary lines are being created with changes implemented. New quotes obtained from Wilson 7.12.23. Cornerstone Land Surveying (original surveyor of 3 Turquoise Trail Ct. is creating new plat to illustrate lot line adjustment.) IPR submitted 7.7.23. PO obtained for lot line adjustment. PO/ NTP sent 7.21.23. Surveyor expects to be on site Aug. 1-3 and have plat by Aug. 15 at latest

Glorietta Well Project

  • The Glorieta Well Project will provide a replacement to serve the Glorieta area with clean, safe and reliable drinking water. The project is a partnership between the County and the Greater Glorieta Community Regional Mutual Domestic Water Consumers and Sewage Works Association. The project will construct a new well to replace the existing contaminated well, upgrade an 8” distribution waterline, upgrade connections to existing household waterlines, and provide miscellaneous appurtenances to make the system function more efficiently. The project budget includes $1,131,968 for well construction from a Department of Finance Administration / Local Government Bureau administered Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) grant. Additionally, $487,000 in NM Legislative Capital Outlay funding and $787,227 in NM Water Trust Board funds contribute to the overall $2,406,195 project budget. The project is fully designed and currently under contracted. Completion is anticipated for the end of 2023.

Romero Park Phase 2

  • The 68-acres will feature new enhancements, including 5 new pickle ball courts; a game zone consisting of gaga ball, tetherball, horseshoe pits, and a sand volley ball court. For the enjoyment of families and community members, Santa Fe County will construct a new picnic shelter and plaza area with multiple seating that will facilitate future opportunities for events, gatherings, and entertainment with electrical upgrades. In addition, the park will provide a food truck area and walking trails where neighboring residents can bring their pets and enjoy the current lawn and baseball field. The current park layout also houses a large picnic shelter with restrooms, basketball court, 2 playgrounds, and an irrigated lawn area that supports many uses.
  • Master plan for years, lots of land not being used at the current time. Finishing up very soon and landscaping will put in irrigation soon. Big grand opening and ribbon cutting. Commissioner Anna Hansen. Caja del Oro Grant Rd. Fire station and existing park. Phase 2 next couple months have a ribbon cutting.

Arroyo Hondo Trail Segment 2 & 3

  • Project Budget: $369,933.07
  • Project Scope: Right of Way acquisition, final design, project certifications, and future construction of a 10 feet wide concrete recreational trail. Arroyo Hondo trail segments 2 & 3 extend from Turquoise Trail park at NM Highway 14 to Richards Avenue for a length of 2.8 miles total.
  • Procurement: Sole Source Agreement for Design Design Engineer: Otak, Inc.
  • Projected Design Completion: April 30, 2023
  • Current Project Status: County staff have directed the Design Engineer to move forward with ROW certifications, required federal/state permitting, and 100% plans that meet the NMDOT grant requirements. 1-year Amendment extension with NMDOT/TLPA sent to County for authorizing signatures.
  • Along the Arroyo Hondo connect west side to Lamy. Under or over HWY 14 to the Rail Runner Station. Transportation alternatives. Out to bid shortly. Funding through NMDOT

Nicholas Sanchez Park

  • Project Budget: $176,000
  • Project Scope: Utilizing CES – Exerplay design/build a playground park on the .37-acre lot in the Carlson neighborhood. The park will consist of an ADA parking slot, fenced area, ½ court BB pad, playground equipment set, 2 sheltered pads with picnic tables and a swing set. All features will be accessed by concrete pathways.
  • Procurement: CES – Exerplay
  • Current Project Status: Project equipment has been received and stored on SFC property. PO is out to Exerplay from CES. A tentative start date from Exerplay is September 19th. Once began the project will not take more than a couple weeks. Sign is installed, and will get maintenance and roads to remove fence and level ground. Ribbon cutting and park event organized after completion of project with Senator Stefanics, Commissioner Hughes and the residents of the Carlson Subdivision.

Public Safety Expansion (Sheriffs & RECC)

  • Project Manager: Rod Lambert
  • Project Budget: $6 Million
  • Project Scope: (1) Renovation of Sheriff division to include more offices, new flooring and furniture, expanded evidence room and hydraulic garage. (2) Renovation of Fire division to include expanded reception area in lobby, office conversion, new flooring and furniture.
  • Procurement: Various Contractor(s): Jaynes, Creative Interiors, Davenport Construction, APIC Solutions
  • Projected Substantial Completion: October 2023
  • Current Project Status: (Sheriff) all concrete poured for addition bump outs, walls go up week of 7/31. Pending: estimate for evidence room storage shelving, researching technology migration best practices and finalizing PO for furniture. (Fire) waiting for estimates for expanded reception area, office conversion, new flooring. Early November and December completion. We will remodel old RECC facility and then the Sherffi will move into that space in 2024.

Water Reclamation Facility (State Pen on HWY 14)

  • Project Manager: Paul Choman
  • Project Budget: $9,852,257.69
  • Project Scope: Design and construct a Water Reclamation Facility on grounds of the Penitentiary of NM
  • Procurement: Design/Build Contractor: Integrated Water Services
  • Projected Substantial Completion: Pending
  • Current Project Status: Construction commenced February 2019; completion estimated June 2023. Purchasing shut down project eff. 5/23/2023 – worked with Purchasing to re-start project eff. 5/30/2023. IWS is (1) working through Punch List items (4 remaining) at plant and (2) completing CO #8 (new meters/telemetry for New Hyde Park subdivision) estimated to be complete June 2023 (8 of 76 meters remaining as of 6/20/2023; cellular collector is operable & 18 meters actively reporting to SFC billing system). Internal SFC punch list item: acquisition and installation of auto-dialer card, which is still back-ordered (since February 2023)
  • Landmark project and almost substantially complete COVID provided some delays. We have a discharge permit to release that water back into the stream and spray irrigation field. Use it for other purposes. Used for dust control, irrigation, purchase for construction.

Agua Fria Wastewater System

  • Project Manager: Paul Choman
  • Project Budget: $1,120,000.00
  • Project Scope: Progressively add wastewater connections to a series of streets in Agua Fria Village
  • Procurement: Agua Fria Village lobbying State Legislature for Grant Funding Contractor: Various Projected Substantial Completion Date: TBD
  • Current Project Status: On-going: AF Village requested $10 million from NM State legislature most recent session- received $1.1 million, so scope being adjusted to reflect $ received 8 streets have been designed / 4 completed.
  • The Agua Fria Wastewater Project is a top priority of the Public Works Departments’ Utilities Division. After a Professional Engineering Report was completed, work commenced in the order of (1) obtaining easements from property owners, (2) engineering design and (3) construction work. This project is being performed in phases which will coincide with the availability of funding.
  • The first phase included easement acquisition and engineering design for eight streets. As of today, four streets have been constructed (completed February 2022) and the remaining four streets are currently in the construction procurement process.
  • The process of completing the remainder of this project is intended to occur as follows:
    • Easement acquisition; then
    • Funding acquisition; then
    • Design of additional streets (the number of which will be determined by the amount of financing); then
    • Construction work to install sewer infrastructure.
  • The quantity of streets designed (with easements obtained) will exceed the quantity of streets constructed until the end of this project.  This process will allow for a continuous flow of design and construction work to occur until the project is completed.

NE/SE Connector

  • Project Budget: $ 20,079,581
  • Project Scope: Construct a new roadway to alleviate congestion along Richards Avenue Design Consultant: Souder Miller and Associates (SMA)
  • Contractor: Albuquerque Underground Inc. (AUI)
  • Construction Manager: Horrocks Engineers
  • Projected Completion Date: TBD
  • Current Project Status: Under construction
  • Project Update Narrative: On Friday, July 21st Santa Fe County opened the first and newly constructed roundabout to traffic on Richards Ave. and Avenida del Sur intersection according to our sixty-day calendar contract timeframe. This is the first of six roundabouts slated for the Northeast and Southeast Connectors Roads Project.
  • In addition to this reopening, the Rancho Viejo trail connection located at the southwest quadrant of this intersection has also been completed and officially reopened to pedestrian and bicycle traffic on July 21st.
  • It is important to note that there will be a subsequent closure of Richards Ave. and Avenida del Sur in upcoming months for a brief 24-hour period to install solar street lighting. Due to supply chain delays the vendor could not provide the materials during the initial closure and is working with Santa Fe County to replace the street light bases in a timely fashion.
  • Anticipate Upcoming Closure:
  • Tentatively, beginning mid-September, Santa Fe County will close a portion of Richards Avenue North of Dinosaur Trail and South of Beckner Rd. for the construction of the second round-about. Please note that Dinosaur Trail will not be closed. The contractor has 60 days to complete this new segment of road, slating the reopening for late Fall of 2023. Residents can anticipate detour maps, construction scheduling and other relative information on the anticipated closure one week before construction commences. 

Galisteo Park Extension

  • Project Budget: $100,000 (100% State Grant)
  • Project Scope: Install shade structure to cover existing playground equipment, provide another picnic table, and provide shade structures for new table and existing table.
  • Procurement: CES – Exerplay Project Status: PO produced 7.20.23 to CES for sending to vendor. NTP will be sent 7.26.23 for ordering of the equipment. Install will happen after equipment arrives. Expected 6-month lead time.

Candidate Filing Information

Important Information:

Candidate Filing Day is Tuesday, August 29, from 9 am. - 5 pm at the Clerk's Office. Candidates need to ensure they have all the required documents in order to file. View our Candidate Guide for more information.

Candidate Filing Day - Public Online Portal

If you are interested in seeing who is filing to run for office, the Secretary of State's online portal updates in real-time as candidates file throughout the day.

Join Meetings

Join Housing Meeting
Meeting Password: 5eZbEPaft84
Phone: +1-408-418-9388
Access Code: 2489 706 8287

Join Board of County Commissioners Meeting
Phone: +1-408-418-9388
Access Code: 2660 824 7389



Join BCC via Phone
Code: 2660 824 7389


Santa Fe County Board of County Commissioners (BCC) meetings

Thank you for your interest in BCC meetings.

To view BCC meetings with an option to provide public comment, join via Webex or by phone (links above). 

  • For those wishing to provide public comment using Webex, please raise your virtual hand in Webex and wait to be acknowledged by the Chair. 
  • For phone users, when the Chair calls for public comment, please press *6 to unmute your microphone and inform the Board that you would like to speak.

The meeting is also available on YouTube and Facebook (links above).

To review the BCC meeting agenda, please visit the following County website: https://www.santafecountynm.gov/events/month, or stop by the interactive touch screen in the lobby of the County Administration Complex, located at 100 Catron Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Santa Fe County makes every practical effort to assure that auxiliary aids or services are available for meetings and programs. Individuals who would like to request auxiliary aids or services should contact Santa Fe County Manager’s Office at (505) 986-6200 in advance to discuss specific needs (e.g., interpreters for the hearing impaired or readers for the sight impaired).

Serve as an Election Worker

Information for New and Returning Election Workers

Serving as an election worker is a great way to give back to your community. The Santa Fe County Clerk's Office provides comprehensive and efficient training so new and returning election workers feel empowered when they show up to work at the polls. This opportunity is available to all political parties and to anyone 16 and over (under 18 with guardian permission).

If you have any questions, please contact Andrea Tapia, the Election Worker Outreach Coordinator, at 505-995-2788 or ajtapia@santafecountynm.gov

If you are interested in completing this form on a mobile device, please click here.

History of the Santa Fe County Clerk

Santa Fe County Clerks

Katharine E. Clark: 2021-Present

Geraldine Salazar: 2013-2020

Valarie L. Espinoza: 2005-2012

Rebecca "Becky" Bustamante: 1997-2004

Jona G. Armijo: 1985-1996

Angie Vigil Perez: 1981-1984

Carolina R. Gonzales c. 1960-1980

Danny Ortiz: c. 1975-1978

Pita T. Gonzales: c. 1960s

Ramon Valencia: c. 1964

Joe B. Garcia: c. 1961

Augustin Grace: c. 1952

E. L. Safford: c. 1946

Margaret D. Ortiz: c. 1939

Frank V. Ortiz c. 1933

Gilberto Mirabal: c. 1931

Trinidad C de Baca: c. 1917

M. A. Ortiz: c. 1912

Clerk’s Office Awards and Achievements



Other Achievements

Records & Recording

  • 480,000 files have been scanned in since taking office in 2021; the digitalization of Clerk's office real estate records, which began in 2004, is now complete
  • Online real estate records portal, which takes card payment, can be used to purchase records and receive them in email inboxes nearly instantly
    • This portal will also decrease in-person traffic at the office, allowing for constituents to be assisted more quickly

Bureau of Elections

  • Improving Access
    • Installed 8 absentee drop boxes in Santa Fe County, 5 of which are drive-up accessible
    • Took additional steps to ensure ADA compliance at each polling site
    • Established an elections help desk for voters and election workers
    • SantaFe.vote, our elections page, is now a central hub for information about all elections in Santa Fe County
    • Voters can track wait times at each polling site in real-time at SantaFe.vote
    • Our busiest site, the County Fairgrounds, now handles up to 350 voters an hour with little to no wait
    • Hired an Outreach Coordinator to manage, events, social media, and the website
  • Efficiency
    • Implemented instant chat messaging between polling sites and staff, and established a ticketing system for much faster reponse to polling sites during the election
    • Created a training and certification program for newly hired messengers
    • New envelopener machines prevent damage to ballots (from a 4% damage rate to 0%)
    • Streamlined HR hiring process for poll workers, and new training and tracking softwares
    • Cooperating with USPS to cut lost ballots by nearly 90%
    • Using a sophisticated inventory management system for warehouse organization and supply management
  • Security
    • Customized chain of custody, which has now been implemented in several other counties
    • First county in New Mexico to use GPS tracking for ballot transport, and ensuring ballots never sit over night at polling sites
    • Each drop boxes is monitored by 24 hour video surveillance
    • Absentee ballot processing location has armed guards, ensuring there is no interference with ballots

Agua Fria Traditional Historic Community Carve Out Area 1B

Revised Boundary of Agua Fria Traditional Historic Community Area 1B 

At the Tuesday, June 13, 2023  Board of County Commission meeting, the board unanimously approved the proposed carve out for Area 1 B which revised the boundary of the Village of Agua Fria Traditional Historic Community (THC) and declared “Area 1B” to be included within the Village of Agua Fria THC.


At the May 30th hearing, certain landowners of undeveloped lands in Area 1B put forth a proposal whereby undeveloped land within Area 1B would be largely excluded from the Village of Agua Fria THC and remain within the so-called “Presumptive City Limits.”  The Board directed County staff to: (1) develop a map that would effectuate the so-called “Carve Out” proposal and (2) notify landowners in the proposed Carve Out and solicit their preference as between remaining within the Presumptive City Limits or becoming a part of the Village of Agua Fria THC.

Notification letters were sent via overnight mail on Thursday, June 1, 2023.  The letters asked landowners to notify the County of their preference by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, June 9, 2023. 

County staff also revised the proposed ordinance and map attached thereto to:

  • Reflect the proceedings before the Board on the proposed ordinance;
  • Effectuate the proposed Carve Out, on the default working assumption that all property owners within the so-called Carve Out would want to remain within the Presumptive City Limits; and
  • Include specific findings based upon the Board’s action and Commissioner comments at the May 30th meeting, as well as address the interim zoning of the parcels to be included within the Village of Agua Fria THC.

The revised ordinance is attached as Exhibit A.  Exhibit B is a potential exhibit to the proposed ordinance, which, as indicated, has not been updated to indicate the preferences of any property owner.  It was uploaded to BoardDocs separately so that the public could more readily view the potential Carve Out and potential area to be added to the Village of Agua Fria THC.  Also attached to this memorandum are the annexation related agreements referenced in the proposed ordinance.

A few specific notes follow:

  • The proposed ordinance would formally accept the supplemental petitions and signatures filed with the County Clerk on April 15 and May 1, 2023, for consideration;
  • The proposed ordinance generally describes the areas included within the Village of Agua Fria THC with reference to parcel numbers;
  • Where only a portion of a lot is to be included within the Village of Agua Fria THC, the proposed ordinance describes the boundary with reasonable particularity based upon the boundaries of flood zones or with reference to parcel boundaries; and
  • The proposed ordinance reflects the default zoning of Agricultural/Ranching (A/R) for areas included in the Village of Agua Fria THC but recognizes that comprehensive zoning for these areas (including road standards) will need to be undertaken. 
    • As a practical matter, this designation will not seemingly impact existing uses within the areas to be included in the Village of Agua Fria THC due to:
      • The vested rights doctrine, which protects property owners who received approvals from prior zoning ordinances and took sufficient steps to have their rights vest based upon such approvals; and
      • The fact that the County recognizes legal lots of record that do not meet current minimum lot sizes.

Staff will provide the Board with an updated memo and packet material after the 5:00 p.m. deadline on June 9 to hear from property owners within the so-called Carve Out as to their preferences.  To be clear, the draft map exhibit to the proposed ordinance does NOT reflect the stated preferences of any property owner to date.  Instead, County staff will provide the Board and public with a comprehensive update on property owner preferences after the deadline to respond. 


Lodger’s Tax Payment

Related Pages

Santa Fe County Lodger's & Short Term Rentals


Santa Fe County is home to some of the most beautiful sites in America and is a vacation destination for many people that come from all parts of the country and the world. Santa Fe County is home to the capital City of Santa Fe which is home to some ofthe oldest communities in America. Santa Fe County is also home to many Pueblos which have resided there for centuries. The County and City's history, culture, art and food atrract many to our Hotels, Motels, and other hospitality tourist travel destination.

We value our tourist travelers to our County who have generated over 7 billion in spending to the State of New Mexico. However, with tourism to our state and county becoming more popular and a large number of short term rentals opening up all over our county, Santa Fe County and it's Board of County Commissioners have enacted an Ordinance (Ordinance No. 2023-02) broadening the previous lodger's tax adding short-term rentals. This Ordinance will help spread a level field between the hotels and short-term rental market and bring in revenue to the county.

Lodgings are rooms or other accommodations furnished from a vendor to a vendee by a taxable service of lodging for rent. Lodger's Tax is the tax on lodging, that must be reported monthly and taxes paid on or before the 25th of each month.




If you are using a Short-term rental platform such as Airbnb, they are responsible for the reporting and taxes to the County.

Short-Term Rentals (STRs) are any dwelling or portion thereof that is rented for periods of less thatn thirty (30) consecutive days. All of the Short-Term Rentals within the boundary of Santa Fe County must have a Business Licnese. If you do not have a license, visit our Building and Development STR page or call 505-995-2700 to schedule an appointment.

Fees are $375 for Non Owner-Occupied and $35 for Owner-Occupied

What is the difference between the two?

A Non Owner-Occupied dwelling is not occupied by the owner. For example: A second home that IS NOT the owner's primary residence, such as a second home.

An Owner-Occupied dwelling is the Owner's primary residence for at least 275 days per year or an Accessory Dwelling (Casita) located on the same legal lot of record.


How to fill out the Lodgers & Short-Term Rental Tax Report

Please check the Lodger's Box for reporting motels, hotels, rooming houses, campgrounds, trailer parks, RV Parks, B&B, or similar facilities.

Please check the STR Owner-Occupied if you own and live in the rental.

Please check the STR Non Owner-Occupied if you own the rental but do not occupy the dwelling.

In column 1 enter your total gross rental income received for the reporting period. 

In column 2 enter your total rents recieved that are not subject to Lodger's Tax such as receipts received by trailer parks from the rental of a space for manufactured home or recreational vehicle for a period of at least one month, from lodgers, guests, roomers, or occupants. NMSA 7-9-53 (B)

Column 3 will populate. Column 4 is fixed and Column 5 will populate for your subtotal. line 4 "Total Remitted this reporting period" will populate. Sign, date, and submit.

If you have penalties and interest, you will have to calculate and enter them manually and your new Total for the month will populate. Sign, date, and submit.

For questions regarding Lodgers' Tax please email lodgers@santafecountynm.gov


Lodger's & Short Term Rental Tax Flow

Agrigate of Santa Fe County

Lodger’s Tax

The Lodgers Tax payments have moved to a new account based system here:


Click the "Create an Account" link and fill out your email, password and business information to set up your account.

Once your account is created, click on the "Payments" button in the left menu to view/print and make payments.

Please note that only payments made within this account system will be available to view and print.

Living Wage Ordinance

NE/SE Connectors

Upcoming Road Closure


Public Notice


Upcoming Road Closure




Beginning Monday, May 22, 2023, the Contractor for Santa Fe County Public Works Department (SFCPWD) will begin construction of the roundabout at the Richards Avenue and Avenida Del Sur intersection. To safely accommodate the construction, it will be necessary to close a segment of Richards Avenue and Avenida del Sur. Richards Ave. will be closed from south of the Santa Fe Community College main entrance to East Chili Line Road in the Rancho Viejo Subdivision. Avenida del Sur will be closed from Canada del Rancho to Richards Ave. These closures will be in effect for up to 60 calendar days. During this time, SFCPWD will provide detour and business access signage identifying alternative routes around the closures. Motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists are advised to seek alternate routes and urged to allow additional time to accommodate the detours. For additional information regarding this project, please visit www.sfcconnectors.com or contact SFCPWD at (505) 992-3010. Thank you for your patience, continued cooperation, and please use caution in the work zones

For more information and project updates please visit https://www.sfcconnectors.com/

Jobs Redirect

Office of the Santa Fe County Treasurer

Upcoming Deadlines


Property Tax Bills Mailed Out.


Property taxes due.


Property taxes due and become delinquent the 12th.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click on questions to view answers

Penalty & Interest Disclosure:
Please be advised that, if property taxes are not paid for any reason within thirty (30) days after the date they are due, interest on the unpaid taxes shall accrue from the thirtieth day after they are due until the date they are paid. Interest accrues at the rate of one percent (1%) a month or any fraction of a month, for a total of twelve percent (12%) per year. Section 7-38-49 NMSA 1978. A penalty of one percent (1%) of delinquent taxes for each month or any portion of a month they remain unpaid shall be imposed, but the total penalty shall not exceed five percent (5%) of the delinquent taxes, except that, when the penalty is less than five dollars ($5.00), the penalty to be imposed shall be five dollars ($5.00).

Directions to create your own payment profile
1. Go to www.santafecountynm.gov/treasurer
2. Click on the “Pay Online” link.
3. This will take you to the Paymentus Customer Portal. https://ipn2.paymentus.com/cp/sfnm
4. There will be 2 selection tiles. Under the “Login” tile select “register now”.
5. Fill out all required information: Email, Password, Name, Phone, Zip and Security Questions.
6. Click “Enroll”
7. On the next page enter your property account number/Tax ID. This is also located on your Tax Bill.
8. Decide if you want paperless billing (This is a feature we will be using in the near future. By signing up now it will enroll you for receiving your tax bill via email when the feature is active).
9. Decide if you want email notifications for your account. If you select this box, you will receive receipt and return notifications via email.
10. Select the box to agree to the Payment Authorization Terms.
11. Select add account.
12. Multiple accounts can be added to the same user profile by clicking “Add Account”.

Directions to view/print tax bill online
1. Go to the Santa Fe County Customer Payment Portal https://ipn2.paymentus.com/cp/sfnm
2. Login to your created profile with and email address and password.
3. Once you are logged into your profile click “View Bills” on the left menu bar.
4. Select the account you would like to view/print a bill from. Select continue.
5. On the next screen, select “View” under the Action column.
6. This will download a .pdf version of your tax bill.
7. You can Print or Save your bill if needed.

Directions to view 10-year tax balance history
1. Go to the Santa Fe County Customer Payment Portal https://ipn2.paymentus.com/cp/sfnm
2. Login to your created profile with and email address and password.
3. Once you are logged you will see a tile on the main screen with your account number on it.
4. On the bottom of that tile you will 4 links on the bottom under “More”.
5. Select “Tax Bill History”.
6. This will display billed base tax, any accrued penalty/interest and any amounts due by year going back the last 10 taxable years.

Tax bill important dates to know;
Bills mailed - On or before November 1st each year
1st Half due date – Due on or before December 1st
2nd Half due date – Due on or before May 10th

Trash permits-

Online solid waste permit application

Bag Tags - $9
1 Trip - $18
3 Trip - $27.50
6 Trip - $55
12 Trip -$110
Low income 6 Trip - $50
Low income 12 Trip - $100
Senior 6 Trip- $50
Senior 12 Trip - $100
Veteran 6 Trip - $50
Veteran 12 Trip - $100

Submit: Application, Payment (cash or check), and make it Payable to: Santa Fe County Treasurer

Ways to pay – Mail in payment (P.O. Box T, Santa Fe, NM 87504), come in office (100 Catron St, SF NM 87501), or place in drop box.

The 2021 tax bills that are normally mailed every November 1st will be delayed due to the recent election that may have an affect on tax rates. The 2021 tax bills will now be mailed on December 1st and will be due no later than January 10th, 2022.


Treasurer (D)

Core Values

  • PASSIONATE: Dedicated and committed to practicing clear and respectful communication.
  • RELIABLE & RESPONSIVE: The Treasurer's Office team implements an open door policy that is approachable and knowledgeable.
  • COLLABORATIVE: Establishing relationships both internally and externally to the Santa Fe County Treasurer's Office
  • INTEGRITY: Holding professional and personal integrity, both individually and as a team, to a higher level of excellence

Additional Recycling Information

 Looking for a place to take items that are not accepted in your blue recycling bin or at County convenience centers? Click on the menu below for other recycling locations. 

Recycling guidelines change frequently depending on available markets. Always contact the organization for hours of operation and to confirm their recycling guidelines have not changed. Contact Santa Fe County at (505) 992-3010 to report out of date information or to request that your business be added to this list.

Recycling Directory

Car Batteries
Cell phones, cell phone batteries, tablets, and chargers
Fluorescent light bulbs
Electronic waste
Ink/ toner cartridges
Plastic Bags
Rechargeable batteries
Refrigerant containing appliances (e.g., refrigerators, air conditioners
Used motor oil

Car Batteries
Restrictions or fees may apply. Call facility for details.

Auto Zone
6421-2 Airport Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87507
(505) 424-0252
Sam’s Club
4201 Rodeo Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87507
(505) 471-8825
O’Reilly Auto Parts
17 Liberty Square Cir
Edgewood, NM 87015
(505) 596-0054
Auto Zone
2505 Cerrillos Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87505
(505) 438-3374
Mr. G’s Recycling
7625 Baca Ln
Santa Fe, NM 87507
(505) 474-6969
Pep Boys Auto Parts
2710 Cerrillos Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87507
(505) 473-3463
Auto Zone
1944 Old US 66
Edgewood, NM 87015
(505) 286-1855
Napa Auto Parts
1125 Calle La Resolana
Santa Fe, NM 87505
(505) 471-1464
Buckman Road Recycling and Transfer Station*
2600 Buckman Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87507
(505) 955-2215
O’Reilly Auto Parts
4715 Airport Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87507
(505) 473-0058
Capital Scrap Metals
1162 Cooks Ln
Santa Fe, NM 87507
(505) 471–0740
O’Reilly Auto Parts
2109 Cerrillos Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87505
(505) 438-0844
*Only on Fridays and Saturdays

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Cell Phones, Cell Phone Batteries, Tablets, and Chargers
Restrictions or fees may apply. Call facility for details.

AP Wireless
6001 Jaguar Dr #101
Santa Fe, NM 87507
(505) 471-1085
EcoATM (in Walmart)
3251 Cerrillos Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87507
3550 Zafarano Dr
Santa Fe, NM 87507
(505) 471-9600
3494 Zafarano Dr D
Santa Fe, NM 87507
(505) 424-1638
EcoATM (in Santa Fe Place Mall)
4250 Cerrillos Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87505
4056 Cerrillos Rd Ste E-2
Santa Fe, NM 87507
(505) 471-0385
Best Buy
3533 Zafarano Dr
Santa Fe, NM 87507
(505) 438-4761
Office Depot
2016 Cerrillos Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87505
(505) 474-7181
Verizon Authorized Retailer – Go Wireless
604 N Guadalupe St D
Santa Fe, NM 87501
(505) 820-2054
Buckman Road Recycling and Transfer Station
2600 Buckman Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87507
(505) 955-2215
Office Depot
153 Paseo de Peralta
Santa Fe, NM 87501
(505) 986-0096
Verizon Authorized Retailer – Go Wireless
500 Market St E
Santa Fe, NM 87501
(505) 983-6083
Dotfoil Computers
851 St Michaels Dr
Santa Fe, NM 87505
(505) 954-9955
3545 Zafarano Dr C
Santa Fe, NM 87507
(505) 424-1620

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Call facility for details.

Total Wine and More
3529 Zafarano Dr #11
Santa Fe, NM 87507
(505) 428-4262

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Fluorescent Light Bulbs
Restrictions or fees may apply. Call facility for details.

Buckman Road Recycling and Transfer Station*
2600 Buckman Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87507
(505) 955-2215
Home Depot
952 Richards Ave
Santa Fe, NM 87507
(505) 424-9463
Lowe’s Home Improvement
3458 Zafarano Dr
Santa Fe, NM 87507
(505) 819-4080
*Only on Fridays and Saturdays

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Electronic Waste
Restrictions or fees may apply. Call facility for details.

Best Buy
3533 Zafarano Dr
Santa Fe, NM 87507
(505) 438-4761
Dotfoil Computers
851 St Michaels Dr
Santa Fe, NM 87505
(505) 954-9955
Office Depot
153 Paseo de Peralta
Santa Fe, NM 87501
(505) 986-0096
Buckman Road Recycling and Transfer Station
2600 Buckman Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87507
(505) 955-2215
Mr. G’s Recycling
7625 Baca Ln
Santa Fe, NM 87507
(505) 474-6969
Capital Scrap Metals
1162 Cooks Ln
Santa Fe, NM 87507
(505) 471–0740
Office Depot
2016 Cerrillos Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87505
(505) 474-7181

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Ink/Toner Cartridges
Call facility for details.

Best Buy
3533 Zafarano Dr
Santa Fe, NM 87507
(505) 438-4761
Office Depot
2016 Cerrillos Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87505
(505) 474-7181
Office Depot
153 Paseo de Peralta
Santa Fe, NM 87501
(505) 986-0096
Cartridges Etc.
1214 Camino Carlos Rey
Santa Fe, NM 87507
(505) 473-2739

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Plastic Bags
Call facility for details. Accepted items typically include grocery/shopping bags, dry cleaning bags, newspaper sleeves, etc. No food wrap or bags with zippers, slide locks, or drawstrings.

Market Street
600 N Guadalupe St
Santa Fe, NM 87501
(505) 982-4668
Eldorado Supermarket (Agora)
7 Avenida Vista Grande
Santa Fe, NM 87508
(505) 466-2602
Sprouts Farmers Market
199 Paseo De Peralta
Santa Fe, NM 87501
(505) 988-1140
Albertsons Market
3001 St Francis Dr
Santa Fe, NM 87501
(505) 992-8663
Albertsons Market
3542 Zafarano Dr
Santa Fe, NM 87507
(505) 471-1058
3550 Zafarano Dr
Santa Fe, NM 87507
(505) 471-9600
Smith’s Food and Drug
2110 S Pacheco St
Santa Fe, NM 87505
(505) 473-5560



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Rechargeable Batteries
Restrictions or fees may apply. Call facilities for detail. Accepted items typically include non-leaking rechargeable batteries used in power tools, cell phones, laptops, etc. No single-use alkaline batteries.
Nickel Cadmium (Ni-CD), Lithium Ion (Li-ion), Small sealed lead acid (SSLA/Pb), Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH, Nickel Zinc (Ni-Zn)

Batteries Plus Bulbs
1609 St Michael’s Dr
Santa Fe, NM 87505
(505) 629-0538
Buckman Road Recycling and Transfer Station*
2600 Buckman Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87507
(505) 955-2215
Home Depot
952 Richards Ave
Santa Fe, NM 87507
(505) 424-9463
Best Buy
3533 Zafarano Dr
Santa Fe, NM 87507
(505) 438-4761

Lowe’s Home Improvement
3458 Zafarano Dr
Santa Fe, NM 87507
(505) 819-4080


*Only on Fridays and Saturdays. The Buckman Road facility is now also accepting single-use alkaline batteries.

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Refrigerant Containing Appliances
Restrictions or fees may apply. Call facility for details.

Buckman Road Recycling and Transfer Station
2600 Buckman Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87507
(505) 955-2215
Capital Scrap Metals
1162 Cooks Ln
Santa Fe, NM 87507
(505) 471–0740
Mr. G’s Recycling
7625 Baca Ln
Santa Fe, NM 87507
(505) 474-6969

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Used Motor Oil
Restrictions or fees may apply. Call facility for details.

Advance Auto Parts
1209 Siler Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87507
(505) 438-1849
Auto Zone
1944 Old US 66
Edgewood, NM 87015
(505) 286-1855
O’Reilly Auto Parts
2109 Cerrillos Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87505
(505) 438-0844
Auto Zone
6421-2 Airport Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87507
(505) 424-0252
Buckman Road Recycling and Transfer Station*
2600 Buckman Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87507
(505) 955-2215
O’Reilly Auto Parts
17 Liberty Square Cir
Edgewood, NM 87015
(505) 596-0054
Auto Zone
2505 Cerrillos Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87505
(505) 438-3374
O’Reilly Auto Parts
4715 Airport Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87507
(505) 473-0058
Pep Boys Auto Parts
2710 Cerrillos Rd
Santa Fe, NM 87507
(505) 473-3463
*Only on Fridays and Saturdays

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Santa Fe County Tourism


Santa Fe County Tourism’s mission is to enhance the lives of our County residents, support work within our communities and promote sustainable economic development through brand development and promotion of the destination.


Santa Fe County’s vision is to build on the historic and cultural reputation of our destination and to appeal to traveler’s desire for immersive, local and authentic experiences and building awareness of Santa Fe County as the ultimate destination for outdoor adventure. With Santa Fe County Tourism’s efforts, we will achieve a healthy and sustainable visitor industry for the enjoyment of the visitor and for the benefit of our local community.

For the adventurous traveler who craves authentic experiences, Santa Fe County is the destination that feeds the soul and energizes the spirit.

For the Adventurous Traveler who Craves Authentic Experiences.

Outdoor adventure, historic landmarks, luxurious spas, unique shopping, fascinating museums, exquisite galleries and oh yes, a celebrated cuisine. With unrivaled mountain scenery in a stunning high-desert landscape, our spectacular terrain is the perfect setting for world-class hiking, biking, horseback riding and skiing opportunities. Add in four acclaimed golf courses and more than 300 days of sunshine, and it’s easy to see why we’re ranked by Time Magazine as one of the World’s Greatest Places, and Chosen by Travel and Leisure readers as one of the 15 Best Cities.

Explore world-famous National Parks and Monuments, including Bandelier National Monument and Pecos National Historical Park. When you’re ready to relax, you’ve come to the right spot. Santa Fe County’s reputation as a premier place to refresh and rejuvenate is well-deserved. With healing waters and a landscape that invites wonder and contemplation, the world’s best spas abound. Savor New Mexico’s heralded cuisine in renowned restaurants and then discover its local ingredients at a farmer’s market. Take in a lively music scene featuring talented musicians and bands. Ready to shop? Find a special souvenir to remind you of your visit in our many boutiques and galleries.

Click here to start planning your Santa Fe County adventure by visiting the official travel site for Santa Fe County Tourism

Lisa A. Katonak
Marketing Coordinator
100 Catron St. 
Santa Fe, NM 87501
(505) 995-2761

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Santa Fe County Office of Emergency Management Task Force

Resolution 2023-17
A Resolution Establishing a Task Force to Analyze and Make Recommendations Concerning the Structure, Staffing, and Responsibilities of the Santa Fe County Office of Emergency Management
to Best Position it to Meet Substantially Increasing Emergency Management Demands

The Santa Fe County Office of Emergency Management Task Force (SFC OEM Task Force) was established by the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) to analyze and make non-binding recommendations to the BCC concerning the structure, staffing, and responsbilities of the Santa Fe County Office of Emergency Management, including, but not limited to, where it should be housed and to whom it should report. The BCC adopted Resolution 2023-029 on March 14, 2023, adding an additional member to the Task Force - the Town of Edgewood Police Chief - and removing the hard deadline for the Task Force to complete its work. 

SFC OEM Task Force Members

  • Martin Vigil, County Assistant Chief of Emergency Management and Special Operations;
  • Jacob Black, County Fire Chief;
  • Adan Mendoz, County Sheriff;
  • Erik J. Litzenberg, former County Fire Chief and City of Santa Fe Fire Chief;
  • Roger Ebner, Director, City of Albuquerque Office of Emergency Management;
  • Cindy L. McKee, County Strategic and Operational Planning Director; 
  • Brian Moya, City of Santa Fe Fire Chief; and
  • Roger Jimenez, Town of Edgewood Police Chief.

SFC OEM Task Force Meeting Information

Meetings of the SFC OEM Task Force are open to the public and noticed in accordance with Resolution No. 2022-110. 

SFC OEM Task Force Staff Liaison

Tina Salazar
Constituent Services Liaison

News & Events


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

First reduce, then reuse, and then recycle!

Reduce & Reuse

On September 26th, 2023 the Single-use Plastics and Polystyrene Working Group presented an impact study into the effects of single-use plastics on Santa Fe County to the Board of County Commissioners. The final report includes a proposed draft ordinance prohibiting the use of single-use plastic and polystyrene products in Santa Fe County.

In the United States, we generate more trash than any other country in the world. Each person in the United States produces 2,600 pounds of trash per year. Imagine if your trash was not collected and landfilled by a local government. Collecting and disposing of waste is one of the highest expenses for local governments—that means tax dollars. Recycling is good for resource conservation, but transporting recyclables to manufacturers poses many problems too. That is why the best way to manage waste is not to produce it in the first place.

Tips for reducing the trash you generate

  • Pack a waste free-lunch. Use jars or other reusable containers instead of packaging in single-use plastic bags.
  • Purchase cloth napkins instead of disposal ones. Use metal cutlery and reusable lunchboxes instead of disposable bags.
  • Learn to repair your things. Frequently a straightforward fix can make a broken item last a lot longer, and with the internet so accessible, instructions for most repairs can easily be found online.
  • Cancel unnecessary mail. No one likes junk mail! Do an online search for how to cancel junk mail in your region. You will find options to enter your name and address to opt out of unwanted catalogs and other junk mail.
  • Avoid disposable plastics. Every time you leave your residence, make sure you remember your reusable water bottle. Not only will this save you money, but you will avoid consumption of any plastic chemicals that may have leached from the bottle into the water.
  • Avoid paper cups. Paper cups are not recyclable because of the petroleum-based liner that keeps the paper from getting wet. Every year, in the United States, we consume enough paper cups to fill the Empire State Building 49 times. Reduce your impact by bringing your own cup. Most coffee shops offer a discount when you do!
  • Keep finding new ways to reduce your waste. Remember that reducing waste is different for everyone. What works for one person may not work for another.

Tips for reusing items

Aluminum foil: Take your used foil and give the grill a good scrub when you’re done cooking.
Newspaper: Use newspaper on your windows for a streak-free clean!
Paper towel & toilet paper rolls: Get that drawer of cords organized but folding them around these tubes. Many preschools and children's centers will accept them for crafts. Also, they help aerate compost
Tissue boxes: These work great as a garbage receptacle on the bathroom counter.
Plastic bottles: Cut off the top to create a funnel.

Recycle Right

Recycling helps the planet and can even save you money! It is free to drop off household recycling, like plastic bottles, cardboard, glass, and aluminum, at any County convenience center.

Check out the links below for local recycling guidance!

  • Santa Fe County Recycling: Santa Fe County Solid Waste accepts recycling at six convenience centers throughout the County. Visit the County recycling page to learn more about what is accepted.
  • Santa Fe County Recycling Flyer: This flyer is available in English and Spanish for a quick reminder of what is accepted in the mixed recycling bin at County convenience centers. 
  • City of Santa Fe Recycle Coach: This application allows you to search for recycling instructions by item. City and County residents follow the same guidelines for mixed recyclables that are collected curbside by the City or in the mixed recycling bins at County convenience centers. Not sure if you can recycle that yogurt container or milk carton? Ask the Recycle Coach!
  • Santa Fe Solid Waste Management Agency (SFSWMA): SFSWMA operates the Buckman Road Recycling and Transfer Station (BuRRT). This facility accepts recycling and trash from County residents. Accepted materials include household hazardous waste, appliances, electronic waste, green waste, scrap metal, tires, glass, and mixed recyclables. Fees apply to certain materials. Visit the SFSWMA website or call (505) 820-0208 for details.

Recycling Tips

  • Know what goes where. Recycling guidelines vary by location depending on the equipment that is available. The City of Santa Fe and Santa Fe County follow the same recycling guidelines. Click here to learn what is accepted for recycling in the County. Contamination in recycling bins can impact worker safety, damage equipment, and result in material being sent to the landfill. When in doubt, throw it out!
  • Check the size. Items smaller than a post card cannot be handled by the recycling facility and should be composted or landfilled. Shredded paper may be placed in a clear plastic bag for recycling.
  • Clean it out. Make sure recyclables are empty, clean, and dry.
  • Do not bag recyclables, except for shredded paper. Place recyclables loose in the appropriate container. The only exception is for shredded paper, which should be placed in a clear plastic bag.


Michael Carr
Sustainability Specialist
(505) 995-9515

Transportation Planning

Transportation Advisory Committee

The Transportation Advisory Committee meets quarterly. See the current and past Agendas on here.


Tesuque Village Road Safety Study 2023

Find the study HERE or click on the image below:

Tesuque Village Road Safety Study Cover



Brett Clavio
Planning Team Leader, Transportation

Community Service Draft

Senior Services

Senior Services

Community Centers

Community Centers

County Fair

County Fair

Health Services

Health Services

Satellite Offices

Satellite Offices

DWI Program

DWI Program


The Santa Fe County Community Services Department (CSD) includes the following divisions:

Community Safety

Community Operations

Health Services

Senior Services

Contact Us

Santa Fe County Community Services Department
100 Catron St.
Santa Fe, NM 87501
Phone: 505-992-9849

Business Hours:
Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Claims Against Probate Estates in New Mexico

This is a basic guide for creditors and other claimants in informal probate proceedings.
The term creditor includes claims for credit cards and mortgages, utilities, medical bills, taxes and other alleged debts.
Those with potential claims against an estate should be aware that:

  • Probates in New Mexico are generally filed in the county where the person was domiciled at the time of his or her death.
  • Probate Courts in New Mexico have what is known as concurrent jurisdiction with District Courts over informal probate proceedings
  • This means an informal probate can be filed in either the Probate Court or District Court in the county where a person was domiciled at the time of his or her death.
  •  New Mexico has 33 counties and is divided into 13 judicial districts.
  • Formal probates, including determinations of heirship, contested cases, and trust matters, cannot be heard by the Probate Court. These cases must be filed in the District Court
  • A probate may be started up to three (3) years after a person's death.
  •  Probates are not always required in New Mexico.
  • A probate is usually opened because someone needs the legal authority to act on behalf of the estate to:
  • transfer assets of the estate;
  • act in legal proceedings on behalf of the estate; or
  • do anything else necessary on behalf of the estate.
  • If a probate proceeding has not been commenced, a creditor may ask to be appointed as personal representative of an estate, but unless all heirs with equal or higher priority for appointment agree to the appointment, the proceeding must be filed in the District Court.
  • Any person requiring notice about a deceased person's estate can file a Demand for Notice
  •  “…with the clerk of the court in which the proceedings for the decedent’s estate are being conducted or in the District Court of the county where they would be pending if commenced.”
  •  A Probate Court cannot accept a Demand for Notice unless a probate has been filed in that Probate Court.
  • A Demand for Notice must include all of the following information:
  • The name of the decedent;
  • The nature of interest in the estate of the person demanding notice;
  • The address of the person demanding notice or that of their attorney.
  • Once a probate has been opened, all Demands for Notice should be filed in the Court where the proceeding was commenced.
  • The Personal Representative must provide copies of all court proceedings to each person demanding notice.
  • Within three (3) months of being appointed, the personal representative is required to give actual notice of the appointment to known and reasonably ascertainable creditors of the estate.
  • The personal representative may also publish notice to unknown creditors in a newspaper of general circulation in the county where the person was domiciled at the time of his or her death.
  • If published, the Notice by Publication must be published once a week for two consecutive weeks.


Time Limit for Claims

  • If the Personal Representative does not give notice directly or by publication, a creditor's claim against an estate must be presented within one (1) year after a person's death, or be deemed forever barred.
  • This time is further limited once the creditor is given actual or published Notice of the Appointment of Personal Representative.
  • Creditors have until the later of four (4) months the first publication of the Notice of Appointment or 60 days after mailed notice to submit a claim against the estate.

Presentation of Claims

  • Claims against an estate should be presented as follows:
  • Claimant is required to deliver or mail to the personal representative a written statement of the claim indicating its basis, the name and address of the claimant and the amount claimant and/or
  • File a written statement of claim with the appropriate court.
  • Without filing a claim, a claimant may commence a proceeding against the personal representative in the appropriate court within the time limit set out in the law.
  • A Probate Court cannot accept a claim against an estate that has not been filed with that Probate Court.

Payment of Claims

  • Upon receiving a claim against the estate, the personal representative must determine the validity of the claim and either allow or disallow the claim.
  •  If the personal representative does not notify the creditor in writing of this determination within sixty (60) days after the time for the original presentation of the claim has expired, the claim is deemed a valid claim and is allowed.
  •  If a claim is disallowed, the creditor must file a petition for allowance in the District Court no later than sixty (60) days after the mailing of the notice of disallowance.
  • Probate Courts cannot (1) determine the validity of a claim against an estate; or, (2) direct the payment of any claims against an estate; or, (3) hold funds in escrow to pay creditors’ claims.

Priority of Claims
If an estate’s assets are insufficient to pay all claims against the estate, the law determines the priority for payment of creditors' claims. Claims must be paid in the following order:

First: Costs and expenses of administration of the estate; then,
Second: Reasonable funeral expenses of the decedent; then,
Third: Debts and taxes with preference under federal law; then,
Fourth: Reasonable medical and hospital expenses of the last illness of the decedent; then,
Fifth: Debts and taxes with preference under other laws of New Mexico; and then,
Sixth: All other claims.
  • No preference in payment can be given to any claim over another claim in the same class.
  • Claims that are due and payable are not entitled to preference over claims not yet due.
  • If payment of higher priority claims exhausts all probate estate assets, creditors with lower priority for payment receive nothing. However, a creditor may seek recovery from assets that pass outside of probate, such as payable on death accounts or joint tenancy property, but only through a District Court proceeding.

New Mexico has two laws that exempt property of an estate from creditors' claims.

Family Allowance--A decedent's surviving spouse (or if no surviving spouse, the minor or dependent child or children of decedent) is entitled to a family allowance of $30,000.00 which is exempt from and has priority over all claims against the estate.

Personal Property Allowance--In addition to the family allowance, the decedent's spouse, or if no surviving spouse, children, are entitled to an allowance of $15,000.00 in personal property.


  • A Personal Representative is required to prepare an Inventory of the assets of the estate within ninety (90) days of being appointed. The Personal Representative must also prepare an Accounting before closing the estate.
  • The Personal Representative is not required to file the Inventory and Accounting with the Court, but must provide copies of these documents to interested persons who request them.

Duties of the Personal Representative

This is a overview guide concerning the duties of the Personal Representative (also known as an Executor) of an estate. Selected deadlines that you will need to meet are also shown. You may run into other issues that require the services of an attorney. Feel free to check off tasks as you complete them.

PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE APPLIES FOR APPOINTMENT (probate forms available at www.santafecountynm.gov/probate or from Court)

Application Must Include:

  • Your name and relationship to the deceased person (also called the “decedent”);
  • Statement of domicile (primary residence of person at the time of their death);
  • Names and full addresses (including yourself) of surviving:

1) Spouse;
2) Children;
3) Other Heirs; and
4) Devisees (named in the will, if a will exists, including churches, schools, etc.)
* Ages of any minor children of the deceased person.

  • Do not list alternate beneficiaries (who would inherit if the first-named beneficiaries have died) unless a primary beneficiary has died.
  • Date of Decedent’s Death
  • Age of Decedent at time of death
  • Concurrence of anyone with equal or higher priority for appointment as personal representative
  • Full Signature of Applicant
  • Name, Full Address and Phone # of Applicant
  • Verification (Notarization)
  • Original Death Certificate
  • Original Will (if any)
  • Order of Informal Probate and/or of Informal Appointment of Personal Representative
  • Signed; name, full address and telephone number
  • Acceptance of Appointment
  • Must be notarized
  • Letters Testamentary (with a Will) or Letters of Administration (no Will)


  • Within ten (10) days of appointment (required):
  • Notice to Heirs and Devisees of the Estate (and to anyone who has demanded notice)

Proof of Notice (required)

  • Lists the Heirs and Devisees who received above Notice.
  • Must to be filed with the Court.

Within three months of appointment (required):

  • Notice to Known Creditors (required)
  • Notice by Publication (not required)
  • Used to notify any unknown creditors of the probate of the estate.
  • If used, must be published in a newspaper of general circulation in county. In Santa Fe County, you may use either the Santa Fe Reporter or the Santa Fe New Mexican.
  • If used, must be published once a week three weeks in a row.

Creditors have four months after the mailing or first publication of the Notice to submit a claim.
Affidavit of Publication

  • Is received from the newspaper that published the Notice to Creditors.
  • Original should be filed with the Court as Proof of Publication.

Once you receive a claim against the estate, you are responsible for determining whether it is a valid claim.

  • If you do not notify the Creditor within 60 days after the time for presentation of the claim has expired, it is deemed a valid claim.

You should pay valid claims out of the assets of the estate or make other arrangements to do so.
Within three months of appointment (required):

  • Prepare Inventory and Appraisal of Assets of the Estate
  • Include reasonable detail and estimated value.
  • You can hire an appraiser, but are not required to do so.
  • You must provide a copy of this document to any interested person who requests it.
  • You are not required to file this document with the Court, but may if you wish. If you file the inventory and appraisal with the Court, it will be public information.


Priority for Distribution of Assets of the Estate

Once the personal representative pays the New Mexico family and personal property allowances due (if any), federal and state income and estate taxes (if required), and other bills, he or she can distribute the estate assets. The personal representative must follow the provisions of the Will, if any, or intestate laws, if no Will exists.

  • The heirs of an estate can agree to distribute assets contrary to the terms of the Will or the laws of intestate succession, but:
  • The Agreement must be in writing;
  • The Agreement must be signed by all who are affected by the terms of the Agreement; and
  • File the Agreement with the Court.

Any real property transferred by the Personal Representative of the estate is done in his/her capacity as Personal Representative of the estate (see separate brochure on Real Property).


  • Keep records of all receipts and disbursements of the estate.
  • The accounting lists the value and distribution of the estate assets.
  • You are not required to file this document with the Court.
  • You must provide a copy of this document to those who received the estate assets.

Verified Statement of Personal Representative (notarization required)

  • It has been at least tsix (6) months since you opened the estate.
  • The time for filing claims against the estate has expired.
  • You have paid or otherwise resolved all claims against the estate and paid all taxes.
  • All assets of the estate have been distributed to those entitled to them.
  • The estate is ready to be closed.
  •  A year after the filing of the verified statement, the estate is considered closed.

The personal representative may also have to do some or all of the following tasks:

  • Arrange for burial or cremation of decedent.
  • Give USPS change-of-address form.
  • Cancel decedent’s credit cards.
  • Notify Social Security & Medicare, if applicable, of the death.
  • Clean out closets, sheds, garage, etc. of decedent and hold estate sale, if necessary.
  • Obtain taxpayer ID number for estate. Open bank account in name of estate, using this taxpayer ID number. Do not use your own social security number on this account.
  • File decedent’s final federal and state income tax returns, if necessary.
  • File federal/state estate tax returns if estate exceeds $5,430,000 (consult tax attorney).
  • File decedent’s income tax return for estate, IRS Form 1041, if estate earns more than $600 gross income in a year.
  • Other tasks, as needed.

Go Green & Learn

Go Green & Learn!

From composting to using public transportation, there are lots of ways you can live sustainably in Santa Fe County! Click below for tips and resources to help you go green!



Save Energy


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle


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Travel Sustainably



Protect Nature



Get Involved

Rapid Hire Event - Correctional Facility

Weekly Rapid Hiring Events

Correctional Facility
28 Camino Justicia Santa Fe, NM, 8750

When: Every Tuesday at 8:30 a.m.

Available Jobs
Detention Officer
Case Manager
Registered Nurse
Booking Clerk

Rapid Hire Event - Public Works

Weekly Rapid Hiring Events

Human Resources
102 Grant Ave, Santa Fe NM, 87501

When: Every Tuesday at 8:30 a.m.

Available Jobs:
Heavy Equipment Operators
Maintenance Technicians 
Utilities Maintenance Workers
View all jobs at Public Works

Solid Waste Redirect

Trash and Recycling

Cannabis and Community Districts

This webpage is organized into three sections: 1) Background on County Cannabis Regulations, 2) Community District Overlays, and 3) Cannabis Regulations Survey Process.

Background on County Cannabis Regulations

As a result of the legalization of recreational cannabis in the State of New Mexico, in 2021 the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) of Santa Fe County passed Ordinance 2021-03 (Cannabis Ordinance), which established County-wide regulations for cultivation, retail sales, and production of commercial cannabis and cannabis products. Personal cannabis use/growing is not regulated by the County. Furthermore, the State of New Mexico's Regulation and Licensing Department imposes strict regulations for commercial cannabis businesses (including all growers) - find general information here and the specific laws and regulations here.

The Cannabis Ordinance included a provision to allow Community Districts within the County to consider different commercial cannabis regulations to reflect their community’s individual needs, goals, and character. Section 10.22.10 of the cannabis ordinance states, “Nothing in this Section shall preclude different cannabis regulations from being adopted for Community District Overlays.” Residents of the Community Districts have the opportunity to consider addressing commercial cannabis regulations through a process with Santa Fe County.

The Cannabis Ordinance identifies where cannabis uses are permitted for each zoning district in accordance with the County Use Matrix in the Sustainable Land Development Code (SLDC). Below is a table that identifies key cannabis uses with its corresponding SLDC zoning district as identified in the Cannabis Ordinance.

Cannabis testing/research laboratories Research and Development Services (scientific, medical, and technology)
Cannabis manufacturers Food, Textiles, and Related Products
A cannabis producer or cannabis producer microbusiness that cultivates cannabis plants indoors Commercial Greenhouse
A cannabis producer or cannabis producer microbusiness that cultivates cannabis plants outdoors Permitted Use in Agriculture Ranching and Rural zoning districts, and is a Conditional Use in Rural Fringe, Rural Residential, Residential Fringe and Traditional Community zoning districts.
Cannabis Retailer Store or Shop
Cannabis consumption that allow consumption by consumers Bars, taverns and nightclubs
Cannabis couriers Courier and messenger service facilities

Note: This table does not include all regulations. Refer to Cannabis Ordinance for specific definitions and additional regulations on Cannabis-related uses. 


Community District Overlays

There are 13 Community District Overlays (CDO) in Santa Fe County. A CDO is established via the BCC that is consistent with the Sustainable Growth Management Plan, an adopted Community Plan, and any applicable County Land Use Plans. The regulations, standards, and provisions of a CDO are specific to each overlay.

For each CDO, the following SLDC Use Table Labels apply: 
P- Permitted Use: The letter “P” indicates that the listed use is permitted by right within the zoning district. Permitted uses are subject to all other applicable standards of the SLDC and require submittal and approval of a permit for development.
C- Conditional Use: The letter “C” indicates that the listed use is permitted within the zoning district only after review and approval of a Conditional Use Permit in accordance with Chapter 4. Conditional Use Permits require public hearings in front of the Hearing Officer and Planning Commission.
X- Prohibited Use: The letter “X” indicates that the use is not permitted within the zoning district. 

Below are communities actively or previously in the Cannabis Regulations Survey Process. Click on a community to see its boundaries and existing cannabis-specific use table.

- Chimayo

- San Marcos


If you have any questions or comments about Santa Fe County’s Cannabis Regulations or the Cannabis Regulations Survey Process, please contact Nate Crail, Community Planner at: ncrail@santafecountynm.gov or 505-986-2452.

2023001154/Evading a law enforcement officer/2-23-23

Deputy Assigned: Anthony Segura

Commander Entering: Lt. Brian Brandle 

Location: North Horizon Lane/ L Lane

Suspect: Antonio Loya    Age  30

On Thursday, February 23, 2023 deputies located a wanted male with outstanding warrants for his arrest.  Deputies attempted to conduct a traffic stop on the suspect vehicle but the vehicle fled into a vacant field and the suspect fled on foot.  A warrant was issued for his arrest.   

BPP Redirect