The new County's Sustainability Office is here for you!  Sustainability isn't just good for the environment-- it can also improve your quality of life! We're here to empower our community to live a cleaner, greener lifestyle.

Since 2017, the Santa Fe County Sustainability Office has been supporting County residents and businesses with free, impartial advice and resources on living more sustainability in our locale. We promote sustainability programs in County operations, support green economic development that stimulates local job creation, and offer technical assistance for numerous high-impact projects. How can we help YOU?

Looking for Something Else? 

Green building? Requirements in the Santa Fe County Sustainable Land Development Code related
to sustainability? Native xeriscaping? How planting trees can help save money on utility bills? How
to avoid household toxins? Other ways to live lightly in this region? Contact us today:

For water questions:

Claudia Borchert [bot protected email address] / 505-992-3044

For solid waste and transportation questions:

Neal Denton [bot protected email address] / 505-992-9832

For energy, solar, and landscaping questions:

Ashley Zappe [bot protected email address] / 505-992-9862

Additional Resources

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