Santa Fe County
Fiscal Year 2009 Budget
Table of Contents

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       County Vision and Mission Statement
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Section I: Introduction
     Section I-1: Section Index
     Section I-2: County Manager's Budget Message
     Section I-3: Official Budget Documents
     Section I-4: Budget Recap and Notes

Section II: Introduction to Santa Fe County

Section III: The Budgeting Process
     Section III-1: The Budget Process
     Section III-2: Budget and Financial Policy

Section IV: Revenue and Funds

     Section IV-1: Index and Fund List
     Section IV-2: Section IV-2: Revenue
     Section IV-3: Consolidated Budgets
     Section IV-4: Gemeral Fund
     Section IV-5: Special Revenue Funds
     Section IV-6: Capital Improvement Funds
     Section IV-7: Section IV-7: Debt Funds
     Section IV-8: Enterprise Funds

Section V: Debt Obligation Analysis
     Section V-1: Debt Obligations
     Section V-2: Bond Debt Service Detail
     Section V-3: FY 2009 and 2010 Debt Schedules

Section VI: Capital Improvements
     Section VI-1: Introduction
     Section VI-2: County Service Facilties
     Section VI-3: Water Projects
     Section VI-4: Open Space Projects
     Section VI-5: Fire Department Projects
     Section VI-6: Infrastructure Projects
     Section VI-7: External Services Projects
     Section VI-8: Road Projects
     Section VI-9: Housing Projects
     Section VI-10: Capital Package

Section VII: Department Summaries
     Section VII-1: County Organization and Staff
     Section VII-2: County Manager
     Section VII-3: Administrative Services
     Section VII-4: Growth Management - Land Use
     Section VII-5: Growth management - Public Works / Solid Waste
     Section VII-6: Growth Management - Utilities
     Section VII-7: Community Services - Administration
     Section VII-8: Community Services - Health
     Section VII-9: Community Services - Alcohol and Detox
     Section VII1-10: Community Services - Open Space
     Section VII-11: Community Services - Housing
     Section VII-12: Corrections
     Section VII-13: Public Safety - Fire, Sheriff, RECC
     Section VII-14: Elected Offices, County Clerk, Treasurer, Assessor, Probate, Surveyor

Section VIII: Supplemental Schedules
     Section VIII-1: County Commissioners and Departments
     Section VIII-2: Property Taxes
     Section VIII-3: Glossary and Authors