Santa Fe County
Fiscal Year 2014 Budget
Table of Contents

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     Government Finance Officers Association Distinguished Budget Presentation Award
     Elected Offices, Management, Mission, Vision
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     Table of Contents

Section I: Document Introduction
     Section I-1: Index
     Section I-2: Budget Message and Executive Summary
     Section I-3: Board of County Commissioners and State of New Mexico Official Approvals

Section II: Introduction to Santa Fe County
     Section II-1: Section Index
     Section II: Introduction to Santa Fe County

Section III: Financial Policies and Budget Process
     Section III-1: Index
     Section III-2: The Budget Process
     Section III-3: Budget Management, Budget and Financial Policies

Section IV: Fund Level Summaries
     Section IV-1: Index
     Section IV-2: Fund Types and Fund Index
     Section IV-3: Revenue Description and History
     Section IV-4: Cash Position
     Section IV-5: Consolidated Budgets
     Section IV-6: Budget vs. CAFR Fund Structure
     Section IV-7: General Fund
     Section IV-8: Special Revenue Funds
     Section IV-9: Capital Improvement Funds
     Section IV-10: Debt Service Funds
     Section IV-11: Enterprise Funds
     Section IV-12: Sources and Uses by Fund Side-by-Side
     Section IV-13: Transfers In-Out by Fund

Section V: Debt
     Section V-1: Index
     Section V-2: Use of Debt, Bonding Authority, Debt Capacity
     Section V-3: Debt and Debt Service per Capita
     Section V-4: Debt Service Details
     Section V-5: FY2014-2015 Debt Service Payment Schedule
     Section V-6: Total Future Debt Service Payments Graph

Section VI: Capital Improvements
     Section VI-1: Index
     Section VI-2: Capital Needs and Financing Plans
     Section VI-3: Not District Specific Projects
     Section VI-4: District 1 Projects
     Section VI-5: District 1 & 2 Projects
     Section VI-6: District 2 Projects
     Section VI-7: District 3 Projects
     Section VI-8: Districts 3 & 5 Projects
     Section VI-9: Districts 3, 4 & 5 Projects
     Section VI-10: District 4 Projects
     Section VI-11: Districts 4 & 5 Projects
     Section VI-12: District 5 Projects
     Section VI-13: Asset Renewal and Replacement Schedule

Section VII: Organization Budgets
     Section VII-1: Index
     Section VII-2: Organizational Budget Summaries and Staffing
     Section VII-3: Symbol Key to 7 Areas of Focus and Priorities Listing
     Section VII-4: County Management and Board of County Commissioner
     Section VII-5: Administrative Services Department
     Section VII-6: Community Services Department
     Section VII-7: Growth Management Department
     Section VII-8: Public Works Department
     Section VII-9: Public Safety Department (inc. Sheriff's Office)
     Section VII-10: Other Elected Offices
     Section VII-11: Non-Departmental

Section VIII: Supplemental Information
     Section VIII-1: Index
     Section VIII-2: County Commission Districts and Board Members
     Section VIII-3: Departments and Offices Contact Information
     Section VIII-4: Regularly Scheduled Monthly Meetings
     Section VIII-5: Property Tax Information
     Section VIII-6: Excerpted Press Releases from FY2013
     Section VIII-7: Acronyms, Glossary and Authors