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IMPORTANT MESSAGE: **Property Values are subject to change due
to a number of situations* Change of: Ownership, Use, Zoning, and
Additions are a few examples that may impact the value

Core Values

  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Fairness & Equality
  • Quality & Excellence
  • Teamwork & Sustainability

Welcome to the Office of the Santa Fe County Assessor

Our Mission

Our mission is providing excellent customer service to the greater community of Santa Fe through fair and equitable valuations, public outreach, education, open communication, and transparency based on industry best practice standards.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create an environment which reflects the desired relationships between the Office of the Santa Fe County Assessor and its constituents, management and employees, and co-workers. To accomplish our vision, it is critical to identify, define and share the organizational core values.

“It's YOU we value”
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Assessor Employee of the Quarter, .

Emma Felt was hired as an Administrative Assistant; however, she has gone above and beyond her normal responsibilities of this position by assisting and in some cases, the point person for our agency budget.  Emma was very instrumental in preparing and presenting our FY 22 Budget.  In addition, Emma has become a point person for all personnel within the agency and a direct liaison for our administrative team.  This includes acting independently in making decisions for our administrative team in accordance with guidelines established for Emma.  Emma does not need reminders, follow-ups or direct supervision to ensure that not only her immediate tasks are completed, but the ongoing tasks of our administrative team. In addition, since Emma’s arrival in our agency, she has streamlined and structured management team minutes and distributes to all agency personnel, she works tirelessly to ensure that all staff are provided with whatever tools necessary to complete their daily duties.  I could go on and on, but Emma, in our opinion, is an asset to our agency and should be recognized for her strong work ethic, up-lifting personality and strong teamwork concept, she brings every day to our agency.”

- Chris Sanchez, Chief Deputy Assessor