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Teen Court is a first time offenders program with alternative sentencing that is run for teens by teens and has been serving teens and families in our community since 1994.

Sentencing for teens referred to the program for a misdemeanor offense consists of Community Service, serving Jury Duty, the DWI Prevention Class, well thought out Letters of Apology and other educational components such as the Shoplifting Intervention Class (SIC), Substance Abuse Program (SAP), Middle School Parent Involvement Program (PIP), Strategies for Teen Anger Management Program (S.T.A.M.P.), family and individual counseling, the Graffiti Clean-Up Project, and the Family Night Presentation on how substances affect the growing brain. All misdemeanor cases will have an assessment and random drug testing as a mandatory requirement of their participation. Teens cited for misdemeanor offenses are referred by the Juvenile Probation & Parole Office and the Santa Fe Public Schools.

The Traffic Court component of the program is for teens cited with traffic violations. Traffic Court sentencing consists of Community Service, serving Jury Duty, a mandatory DWI Prevention Class, and if necessary a Defensive Driving Course and Letter of Apology. These teens are referred to Teen Court from Municipal and Magistrate Court. Once a teen’s sentence is complete the charges will be dismissed from their record and will not affect their insurance costs.


About Teen Court

  • Santa Fe County Teen Court is an alternative court where teens are judged and sentenced by a teen jury. All cases are heard at District Court. Teen attorneys prosecute and defend the cases.
  • Teen Court does not determine guilt or innocence; Teen Court is for sentencing only. A teen must accept complete responsibility for his/her offense(s) to be heard in Teen Court.
  • Teen Court is a way for eligible teens to keep their record clean. If a teen successfully completes his/ her sentence, the charges and fines are dismissed.
  • By incorporating some of the principals of restorative justice we hope to help repair the harm that has been done. Teen Court gives teens the opportunity to connect and make a difference.
  • Teen Court is voluntary for teens (ages 12-17) charged with traffic violations, shoplifting less than $250 value, possession of marijuana or alcohol, disorderly conduct, and other misdemeanors.
  • Teen Court is for misdemeanor offenses which are referred by Municipal Court, Juvenile Probation and Parole, Magistrate Court, Children's Court, or the Santa Fe Public Schools.
  • Teens can go to Teen Court if they have not committed an offense within the past two years. No one can go through Teen Court more than twice.
  • All referrals to Teen Court must pay a $50 referral fee. This fee must be paid on or before the teen's scheduled hearing in Teen Court.

Responsibilities of Teen Defendants

  • Teen must admit to the charges.
  • Teen must appear at the sentencing hearing with his/her parent, guardian, or custodian.
  • Teen must complete his/her sentence within the time frame given.
  • Teens must follow the court Rules of Conduct.
  • Teen must not commit any other offenses during their association with Teen Court.
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