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Liz Stefanics

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(D) Term 2009-2012, 2013-2016
Commission District 5
P.O. Box 720
Cerrillos, New Mexico 87010
(505) 986-6210


County Commissioner Annual Salary $29,569

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Committee Appointments 2016 »  

District 5 Committee Representatives

  • County Development Review Committee (CDRC) - Dan Drobnis
  • DWI - Leah Tafoya, Tom Starke and Donna Bevacqua-Young
  • Health Policy and Planning Committee (HPPC) - Catherine Kinney and Shirlee Davidson
  • County Open Land and Trails Planning and Advisory Committee (COLTPAC ) - Jerry Rogers
  • County Open Lands, Trails and Parks Advisory Committee (COLTPAC) - Melissa Houser (at large member)
  • Maternal and Child Health - Elias Ponton, Lori Pearson-Kramer and Bonnie Keene
  • Ethics Board - Bill Heimbach and Carol Thompson
  • Senior Advisory Committee - Janet Amtmann
  • Solid Waste Task Force - Jay Gould
  • Lodgers Tax Advisory Board - Karen Brown
  • Extraterritorial Land Use Committee (ELUC) - Dan Drobnis

Road Advisory Committee

  • Linda Pierce
  • Tamara Haas
  • Bernard Paiz

District 5 Participants on SLDC Focus Groups:

  • Home Business Focus Group – William Lints , Chris Stracke, Michael Bartlett, Michael Mykris
  • Green Building Focus Group – Kim Shanahan, Stephen Onstad, Rexford Ross
  • Open Space and Trails Focus Group – Adriene Simpson, Brent Bonwell, Kim Sorvig, Leslie Mansfield
  • Agriculture Focus Group – Lisa Burns, Sigmund Silber

Working For You

Santa Fe County Reform and Transparency Measures / Commission Initiatives Since 2009 »

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Constituent Services Liaison

Julia Valdez