Sustainable Growth Management Plan

What is the Sustainable Growth Management Plan (SGMP)?

The Sustainable Growth Management Plan (SGMP) replaces the existing 1999 Santa Fe County Growth Management Plan. New and challenging issues today require Santa Fe County to be proactive about how we grow and shape our communities. The SGMP is a guiding document incorporating local community values, goals and strategies on how to best manage and sustainably utilize the County's limited natural, economic, and cultural resources. The SGMP is also a tool that addresses the existing and future needs of communities in Santa Fe County and serves as a guide for planning, land use, housing, resource and environmental protection, public and facility service, renewable and green development, fiscal responsibility, and administrative regulation. The SGMP will serve as the framework for the County’s Sustainable Land Development Code.

Recent Action on the Sustainable Growth Management Plan

By a unanimous vote (5-0), the Santa Fe County Board of Commissioners passed a resolution at the November 9, 2010 public hearing, adopting the Sustainable Growth Management Plan (SGMP). The vote was taken following a public hearing at which individuals commented and shared their perspectives on the Plan.

The SGMP is a comprehensive plan for Santa Fe County, providing a framework for policy and decision making. It is based on input from more than 100 meetings including workshops, charrettes, public hearings and study sessions involving citizens, nonprofit organizations, community groups and other stakeholders. These meetings were conducted in all regions of the County during evenings, weekends and daytime, offering opportunities for maximum community participation.

The SGMP is aimed at meeting the needs of current residents while at the same time preserving the County’s land, history, culture and natural resources for future generations. The Plan is designed to direct future growth to areas with adequate public facilities such as roads, water and sewer systems, and public safety.

A key feature of the Plan will be the creation of more opportunities for community participation, including a number of different kinds of community-centered organizations through which citizens can actively participate in their community.

2010 Sustainable Growth Management Plan ( As a Scanned PDF Document) [PDF 16.69 MB]

2010 Sustainable Growth Management Plan PDF

The Sustainable Growth Management Plan (SGMP) is now published and available for purchase. Printed copies of the SGMP are $20 and compact disks (CD) are $2, available to purchase through the Santa Fe County Growth Management Department by contacting Melissa Holmes (505) 995-2717 or Reference copies are also available at all of the County Satellite Office locations, the Santa Fe Public Libraries, as well as the County Administrative Building, 102 Grant Ave.

SGMP Executive Summary [PDF] Resumen Ejecutivo de SGMP [PDF]

SGMP Appendix E: Supplemental Materials
1. Fiscal and Costs-of-Sprawl Impacts Study [PDF] 2. Regional Population and Housing Projections for Santa Fe County 2000-2050 [PDF] 3. Adopted Santa Fe County Community Plans
4. Reference Documents

a. Charrette Report (2008) [PDF] b. Previous Drafts of the SGMP (scroll below for June 2010, February 2010, and October 2009 draft versions)
Growth Management Area Objectives [PDF]

SGMP Final Key Maps
1. Growth Management Areas (GMA) Map [PDF 550 kb] 2. Future Land Use Map [PDF 900 kb] 3. Sustainable Development Areas (SDA) Map [PDF 883 kb] 4. Future Road Network Map [PDF 2.25 MB]

Final BCC Public Hearing Information from November 2010

SGMP Minor Revisions approved by the BCC (November 30, 2010) [PDF] BCC Public Hearing Presentation (Nov. 9, 2010) [PDF 892 kb] Memo from Nov 9th BCC Public Hearing [PDF]

Previous SGMP Information

Prior draft versions of the Plan, along with past presentations and packet materials from public hearings are available below.

Information from Sept 14th Special BCC Work Session: 

BCC Presentation (pdf)

BCC Memo (pdf)

Information from the August 26th Special CDRC Public Hearing:

CDRC Presentation (pdf)

CDRC Memo (pdf)

SLDP June 2010 Draft

The SLDP June draft version and associated maps are provided below:
Sustainable Land Development Plan (SLDP) FInal Draft - June version (pdf)

Draft Maps - June versions (pdf)

SLDP February 2010 Draft    

SLDP Draft - February Version (pdf)

SLDP October 2009 Draft

Table of Contents and Executive Summary [PDF 525 kb] Volume 1 – Sustainable Vision Policy [PDF 2.58 MB] Volume 2-A – Systems and Settings [PDF 4.09 MB] Volume 2-B – Oil and Gas Element [PDF 28.0 MB] Volume 3 - Sustainable Land Development Suitability Analysis [PDF 3.47 MB] Volume 4 – CIP and Financing [PDF 512 kb] Volume 5 – Community Planning [PDF 18.9 MB] Maps, Appendix and Other Supplementary Material [PDF 22.0 MB]