Parcel Map Property Search

The parcel map property search tool provides access to a map of property accounts.

Assessment Information Search

The assessment information search tool has been retired. Please use the Parcel Map Property Search tool to retrieve the information previously available through this tool.


Estimate Property Tax

The property tax estimator provides an estimate of real property taxes based on the information you enter. It is only an estimation.

Document Manager

The document manager tool provides access to digital copies of notices of value.


Property Tax Levy Certificate

The property tax levy certificate tool provides an estimate of tax liability for residential property undergoing transfer. It is only an estimation. This document satisfies the requirements of the Real Estate Disclosure Act, Section 47-13-4 (D).

Pay Taxes Online

The Santa Fe County Treasurer's Office, the property tax collector for the County of Santa Fe, now offers the option of paying taxes online.



Look up key terminology used by the Assessor's Office.

Tax Rates by Year

The tax rate by year tool provides rate tables for current and prior years in convenient PDF file format.