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Randon Romero
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Santa Fe County Assessor’s office uses a Geographical Information System (GIS) to maintain the county’s cadastral (Tax) map. A GIS is a computer-based tool used for mapping and analyzing natural and manmade features on the surface of the earth.

The cadastral map (Parcel layer) is the land record for the Assessor’s office and is the base layer of Santa Fe County’s spatially integrated GIS. Mapping staff check plats and deeds for legal lot descriptions and make geographical changes to the digital parcel layer using GIS software. They reconcile boundary lines among neighboring parcels for representation of taxable areas and assign a UPC number to every parcel in the county. A UPC is a 13 digit code that relates the position of a parcel numerically in a coordinate system (PLSS). The GIS is able to assign and store attribute (tabular) data associated to a UPC, including addresses, legal descriptions, lot sizes, plats, deeds and/or various other source data that may help locate and identify a parcel. Aerial photography and other GIS map layers are also used to assist staff with parcel mapping. Parcel editing is a continuous process as land records often change and as new source data is assimilated.

Mapping staff also produce hardcopy cadastral maps and provide spatial data for the public and other government agencies.

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Steve Salazar
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