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Tommy Garcia
Quality Control Manager
NM Certified Appraiser
(505) 986-6365


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The Quality Control Department's primary goal is providing continual quality appraisal and customer service improvement, oversight and support for each section within the Office of the Santa Fe County Assessor.  Guided by the mission of the agency of meeting and exceeding the highest industry standards in Appraisal, Quality Control creates, implements and practices vital standardized processes in accordance with NM State Statutes and IAAO Industry "best-practice" Standards. Through established agency policy and procedures, the Quality Control staff partners with each section within the office and reviews all systems, process and data, as it relates to each function within the office to improve performance and efficiency. Through this continual review, Quality Control ensures that each constituent within Santa Fe County receives fair and equitable value on their respective properties by way of the Notice of Value mailed out to each property owner within Santa Fe County.  This allows the Office of the Santa Fe County Assessor as a whole to guarantee the best possible customer service and secure a sustainable process for the future of its constituents.

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Alyssa Sena
Quality Control Data Analyst
NM Certified Appraiser
(505) 986-6334

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Aryana Quintero
Quality Control Data Analyst
NM Certified Appraiser
(505) 986-6301

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Quality Control Data Analyst
(505) 986-6300