Photo of Norman Aragon

Norman Aragon
Residential Appraiser Chief
NM Certified Appraiser
(505) 995-6512


This division of the Assessor’s Office is responsible for developing and determining fair and equitable assessments for residential real property. This includes residential condos, single family residential homes, and residential vacant land. We determine the valuation for the majority of the county’s 85,000 properties, including those in the City of Santa Fe, New Mexico’s capital city.

We are the face of the Assessor’s office when visiting properties to verify measurements, use and review for changes for the residential properties in Santa Fe County

Our responsibilities and duties include:

  • Reviewing over 500 building permits a year to confirm what is ready to place on the tax schedule.
  • Reviewing over 1,500 residential sales affidavits each year, to better determine a fair value for other properties.
  • Reviewing protested values and working with property owners and agents to determine a fair market value.
  • Maintaining property records through a CAMA (Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal) system that helps determine value of property based on amenities of every home, condo and vacant parcel.
  • Addressing public concerns and answering questions pertaining to property tax law and are making a greater effort to work with the public so that we may achieve the best possible data for our records.

County Assessor Isaiah Romero values your feedback. Please consider sharing with him your experiences with the Residential Appraisal division.

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Photo of Al Gallegos

Al Gallegos
Appraiser Senior
NM Certified Appraiser
(505) 986-6235

Phillip Vigil

Phillip Vigil
NM Certified Appraiser

(505) 995-6511

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Susannah LeCuyer
NM Certified Appraiser
(505) 986-6332

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Blake Dieters
NM Certified Appraiser
(505) 986-6238

Photo of Thomas Rael

Thomas Rael
NM Certified Appraiser
(505) 986-6310