Updated: October 24, 2023

Due to property tax levy ballot questions in the upcoming election, it is now possible for additional mill rates to be applied to a taxing district based on the outcome of bonds submitted to voters for approval at general elections. While the possible effect of the bond approvals is known, the outcome of the voting process is not, until the general election is held. For this reason, this tool assumes the maximum possible mill rate that may occur until such time as the general elections are held and the final mill rates are known.

Enter the estimated market value of the property, select the tax district in which the property is located from the drop down list, and press the calculate button to compute the estimated taxes. If you are uncertain of the tax district, use the search buttons above to locate the property to determine the tax district.

Enter Estimated Market Value:(enter without "$")
Select the District Tax Rate:
Your Estimated Taxes:

*Important*-- This is an estimated property tax calculation, based on the latest mill rate set by State and Local governments. The estimated tax calculation does not take into consideration any exemptions, ie; head of household, veterans, etc ...

*Disclaimer: The estimated Property Tax Levy is calculated using the stated price and estimates of the applicable tax rates. The County Assessor is required by law to value the property at its “current and correct” value, which may differ from the listed price. Further, the estimated tax rate may be higher or lower than those that will actually be imposed. Accordingly, the actual tax levy may be higher or lower than the estimated amount. New Mexico law requires your real estate Broker or agent to provide you an Estimated Property Tax Levy on the Property you have submitted or intended to submit an offer to Purchase. All real estate Brokers and agents who have complied with these disclosure requirements shall be immune from suit and liability from suit relating to the Estimated Property Tax Levy.