About The Treasurer

JENNIFER J. MANZANARES | Treasurer (D) | Term 2021 - 2024

Treasurer's Office Responsibilities

The County Treasurer is the Property Tax Collector and Investment Officer for Santa Fe County. Approximately 60,000 real property, personal property and mobile home tax bills are sent out annually. We also send out 24,000 informational tax bills annually to notify taxpayers who escrow their property taxes that either a mortgage company or taxpaying service has requested their tax bill. The Treasurer has also implemented a process of sending out two delinquent tax notices semi-annually usually scheduled for mid February and mid August.

The Treasurer's Office also serves as the "County's Banker" and is responsible for collecting and depositing monies from property tax collections and from all operations of County departments i.e. refuse permits, utilities, land use permits, ambulance fees, and other services the County may provide.


Taxes collected by the Treasurer are distributed to the statutory beneficiaries of the County which include Santa Fe Public Schools, Pojoaque Public Schools, Espanola Public Schools, Moriarty Public Schools, Santa Fe Community College, Edgewood Soil and Water District, and the Eldorado Water and Sanitation District. Approximately 40 percent of all taxes collected go to the above mentioned beneficiaries; the County also receives about 40 percent of the taxes collected. The Treasurer also collects and distributes taxes for the County's Debt Service; the State's Debt Service; the Rancho Viejo Special District; and the Children's Trust. These beneficiaries receive the balance of the taxes collected roughly 20 percent.

Mission Statement

The overall mission of the Treasurer's Office is serving the constituents of Santa Fe County. Assuring financial integrity in the collection of monies, distributing funds on a timely basis, and remaining in compliance and in accordance with the Santa Fe County Investment Policy.

Our focus within this office is to build on integrity and customer service – for the taxpayer, the customer, and the County of Santa Fe as a whole. Treasurer Manzanares provides an open door policy and welcomes the opportunity to speak to all those internal and external to Santa Fe County. We are committed to serving the community while still thinking of the future.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Santa Fe County Treasurer's Office is to have the highest level of ethics and integrity while serving Santa Fe County. Our strategic plan will include a data rich platform for constituents that is both user friendly and effective for the customer. Our team is always thriving to improve customer service and communication within the community by extending our access and visibility.


Core Values

INTEGRITY:Holding professional and personal integrity, both individually and as a team, to a higher level of excellence
RELIABLE & RESPONSIVE:The Treasurer's Office team implements an open door policy that is approachable and knowledgeable
COLLABORATIVE:Establishing relationships both internally and externally to the Santa Fe County Treasurer's Office

" We are passionate, dedicated and committed to practicing clear and respectful communication." - Treasurer Manzanares

Contact Us

We are open to the public during the following business hours:
Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.
Closed for business on Saturdays, Sundays and County Holidays.

An after-hours secure payment drop box is available in front of the administration building at the address below. Please place check or money order in an envelope and drop it in the secure box for collection.

Mailing Address for payments:
P.O. Box T
Santa Fe, NM 87504

Santa Fe County Treasurer's Office

100 Catron St
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501

(505) 986-6245