JENNIFER J. MANZANARES | Treasurer (D) | Term 2021 - 2024

Treasurer's Office Investments

As the Investment Officer for the County, the Treasurer invests in U.S. Treasuries, Government Agencies, and Certificates of Deposit in excess of $250,000 collateralized at 102 percent through the pledging of securities or irrevocable letters of credit as permitted by the County's Investment Policy. Investments are made in safe, liquid, and diversified investments earning a market rate of interest on all funds not immediately required to meet the County's cash flow needs. The majority of the investments are made through local banks in Santa Fe County to stimulate and improve the economy of Santa Fe County and its residents.

The Treasurer is the Paying Agent and Registrar for all bond debt issued by Santa Fe County; and invests (voter approved) bond proceeds in short-term government agencies and CD's laddered to mature when needed for the intended projects.

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Where Does My Property Tax Dollars Go?

Your property tax dollars go into many distribution accounts within the Santa Fe County. They go into the school districts, state debt service, county operational, county debt service, municipal operational, municipal debt, school district operation, schools district capital improvement, Santa Fe Community College.

Your local government regulates the property taxes that you pay every year and bases your tax bill on the most recent property value assessment for your home and any land you m ay possess. Your local government also determines how often these assessments are performed and what percentage of your property value is taxed. Once your tax balance has been determined, it's your obligation to pay that balance in full within the payment system. Failure to pay your property taxes can result in penalties, fees, fines, and even forced sale of your home.