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KATHARINE E. CLARK | Clerk (D) | Term 2021 - 2024

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Clerk’s Office Wins Recognition for Several New Programs

The Santa Fe County Clerk's Office won several accolades from the National Association of Counties and the Election Assistance Commission for outstanding programs and best practices.

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The Clerk’s Office is Hiring an Elections Administrative Specialist

If you are interested in and passionate about elections, apply today!

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SB180 Passes the House, Will Add ‘Much-Needed’ Updates to Election Code

The bill recently passed the House floor with a vote of 44-25 and is now heading to the Governor’s desk, where County Clerk Katharine Clark is confident she will sign it into law. It will go into effect beginning January 2024. She is thankful for the strong support for this bill from all Santa Fe County area representatives.

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Meet Your County Clerk
Katharine E. Clark
Santa Fe County Clerk Katharine E. Clark
Clerk (D) | Term 2021 - 2024

The County Clerk's duties as assigned by state law include:

  • Recording & Protecting Information:

    The Clerk's office is charged with recording Real Estate and related documents and preserving these public records. 

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  • Fair and Efficient Elections:

    The Elections and Voting division is responsible for running fair and lawful elections within Santa Fe County and maintaining voter information and registrations.

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  • Clerk of the Commission and ex-officio Clerk of the Probate Judge:

    The Clerk serves as an apostille to official documents, serves as witness to BCC meetings and provides clerk support for the Probate judge.  

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