Clerk’s Office Awards and Achievements

KATHARINE E. CLARK | Clerk (D) | Term 2021 - 2024






Other Achievements

Records & Recording

  • 480,000 files have been scanned in since taking office in 2021; the digitalization of Clerk's office real estate records, which began in 2004, is now complete
  • Online real estate records portal, which takes card payment, can be used to purchase records and receive them in email inboxes nearly instantly
    • This portal also significantly decreased in-person traffic at the office, allowing for constituents to be assisted more quickly

Bureau of Elections

  • Improving Access
    • Installed 8 absentee drop boxes in Santa Fe County, 5 of which are drive-up accessible
    • Took additional steps to ensure ADA compliance at each polling site
    • Established an elections help desk for voters and election workers
    •, our elections page, is now a central hub for information about all elections in Santa Fe County
    • Voters can track wait times at each polling site in real-time at
    • Our busiest site, the County Fairgrounds, now handles up to 350 voters an hour with little to no wait
    • Hired an Outreach Coordinator to manage events, social media, and the website
  • Efficiency
    • Implemented instant chat messaging between polling sites and staff, and established a ticketing system for much faster reponse to polling sites during the election
    • Created a training and certification program for newly hired messengers
    • New envelopener machines prevent damage to ballots (from a 4% damage rate to 0%)
    • Streamlined HR hiring process for poll workers, and new training and tracking softwares
    • Cooperating with USPS to cut lost ballots by nearly 90%
    • Using a sophisticated inventory management system for warehouse organization and supply management
  • Security
    • Customized chain of custody, which has now been implemented in several other counties
    • First county in New Mexico to use GPS tracking for ballot transport, and ensuring ballots never sit over night at polling sites
    • Each drop boxes is monitored by 24 hour video surveillance
    • Absentee ballot processing location has armed guards, ensuring there is no interference with ballots