Division of Elections & Voting
Time left to vote:
16 days
19 hours
Election day is June 4. Polls close at 7:00PM.

Candidates & Campaign Resources

2024 Candidate Resource Guide



Absentee Ballot Register Form (for Campaign/Government use only)

Voter Data Form (for Campaign/Government use only)

Note: Voter data is subject to the election code, not IPRA. For more information see the SOS website for statutory fees. 

The Santa Fe County Clerk recommends campaigns submit both the Absentee Ballot Register and Voter Data forms so they can efficiently track which of their supporters have already voted and subsequently remove them from further mailing lists. This process also allows campaigns to more effectively target supporters who have yet to cast their ballots.

It is best practice to remove voters from call, email, and mailing lists after they have already voted, and it will save you time and resources!