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KATHARINE E. CLARK | Clerk (D) | Term 2021 - 2024

Research Information

In New Mexico, real estate records are subject to the Recording Act (not the Inspection of Public Records Act). Copy and research fees apply. Click here for a relevant court case.

There are several ways to research and request copies of documents in the Clerk’s office:

  • Online Self-service Portal for document search with credit card/online payment option. Documents will be automatically emailed to users once a credit card payment is complete. View the How to Guide (PDF) for more information. Please use username PUBLIC and password PUBLIC. Click here for the online Self-Service Portal
  • Online index search and in-person pick up. Constituents can check the online index for instrument numbers of requested documents and send the instrument number to for in-person pick up. Please allow 2 business days for pick-up. Please use username INDEX and password INDEX.  Click here for the index search option
  • In-person self-serve computers. There are 3 computers in the foyer of the clerk’s office which are free to use for the public during business hours. Standard copy fees apply for copies. Those with appointments will be given priority to use the computers. Be advised: staff can assist you at these computers for up to 15 minutes before you will need to pay an additional research fee.
  • Paid search in the Clerk’s office. For staff conducted searches in the Clerk’s office including searching by address, the Clerk’s office charges $40 for the first 15 minutes and $40/hr for every hour thereafter. Any chain of title search is unofficial and not guaranteed. 

Self Searches: Please note it is up to the user to try a variety of search terms and spellings in their research and we are not responsible for incomplete searches. The documents can be added to your shopping cart and paid for by credit card or instrument numbers can be emailed to to request copies. Our standard fee schedule applies.

Disclaimer for online index and bulk ClerkTrack Web Access

Santa Fe County presents the information on this web site as a service to the public.  We have tried to ensure that the information contained in this electronic search system is accurate.  Santa Fe County makes no warranty or guarantee concerning the accuracy or reliability of the content of this site.  Assessing accuracy and reliability of information is the responsibility of the user.  The user is advised to search on all possible spelling variations of proper names, in order to maximize search results. The County shall not be liable for errors contained herein or for any damages in connection with the use of the information contained herein.

Click on the link to view the Fee Schedule for Public Records Request.

Voter Registration and other elections-related documents

Voter rolls, voter registration cards, absentee returns data can be supplied for a small fee (see our fee schedule). Please email the elections division at [bot protected email address] to request voting related data.

Other Public Records within the county


Video How-to Guide for Online Research


Records FAQs

Click on questions to view answers

A. An informal and/or an uncertified record search can be conducted by our office for a research fee. Please see the fee schedule for a comprehensive list of fees.

A. Yes, we have recently completed digitizing 480,000 records, beginning in 2021. For small requests, we recommend using our self-service portal where anyone can research documents online, pay for them and have them emailed to them. Most credit cards, bank transfers, and E-checks are accepted. See the login page here and follow the instructions.

For frequent requests, or to see all the images without purchasing them, we recommend a biannual subscription to ClerkTrackWeb. Current prices are $600/biannually plus a $100 set-up fee. Please email for information.

A. Yes, but we recommend emailing us instrument numbers as we have a 48 hour turn-around. We have public research computers in our office if you wish to research in-person, or if you want to pull and pay for records quickly online, we recommend using the self-service portal.

A. The Recording and Filing Fee Schedule has a complete list of fees.

A. No. We certify the marriage application, which is kept on file. The marriage license is not. You can research and purchase any marriage application by going to the online ClerkTrackWeb portal, logging in with username PUBLIC, password PUBLIC and clicking the marriage license section.

A. No. Divorce records are filed at the District Court. The First Judicial District Court covers Santa Fe, Rio Arriba and Los Alamos Counties and is located at the Judge Steve Herrera Court Complex located at 225 Montezuma Avenue. You may reach the District Court office at (505) 455-8250, or see their website at for more information.

You can research probates by going to the online ClerkTrackWeb portal, logging in with username PUBLIC, password PUBLIC and clicking the probate section.

A. No. Birth certificates are located at the New Mexico Vital Records Office. Their office is located at 1900 S. Saint Francis Drive, and they can be reached at (505)827-0121. More information can be found at their website

A. No. According to New Mexico state statute, we are not allowed to copy death certificates. However, we can provide you with the name of deceased, date of death, and state of death. If you are seeking more information on a death certificate please refer to the New Mexico Department of Health at the website below:

A. Yes. We have several notaries available, and there is no charge for this service if you are recording a document. However Please be advised that our notaries do not provide notary blocks.