Division of Elections & Voting
Days until voting starts:
109 days
8 hours
Election day is November 5. Polls close at 7:00PM.

Types of Elections in New Mexico

Primary Elections

The Primary Elections in New Mexico are held in June of even-numbered years. These elections are semi-closed and partisan, nominating candidates to appear on the General Election ballot in November. Only registered voters who are affiliated with a major party (Republican, Libertarian, or Democratic) are eligible to participate. Voters registered with a minor party (such as the Green Party) or with no party affiliation must change their voter registration to a major party to be eligible to vote.

Relevant Statutes: Conduct of elections; persons not permitted to vote (NMSA 1-12-7); ARTICLE 8 Nominations and Primary Elections (NMSA 1-8-1 to 1-8-66); Registration at voting location prior to voting (NMSA 1-4-5.7)

General Elections

Taking place in November of even-numbered years, General Elections fill federal, state (both statewide and district-level), and county seats. These elections are partisan, but independent and minor party candidates who qualify will also appear on the ballot.

Regular Local Elections

Beginning in 2019, local elections in New Mexico have been held in November of odd-numbered years. County Clerk's offices are responsible for administering these elections. These elections are nonpartisan and fill municipal and local seats, including school boards, college boards, and city councils/commissions.

Municipal Officer Elections

Jurisdictions that opt out of the Regular Local Election (RLE) Act choose to run their own municipal elections. County Clerk's offices do not administer these elections, which take place in March of even-numbered years.

Special Elections

In New Mexico, special elections are mail-only elections that occur at specified intervals between Primary, General, Local, and Municipal elections.