Resolution 2014-35 is the Resolution Creating An Arts, Culture And Cultural Tourism Committee
Santa Fe County is a place where the arts, culture and cultural tourism are highly valued.

Santa Fe County adopted Resolution 2014-35, establishing the committee to provide guidance to the Santa Fe County Board of County Commissioners on specific policies, projects, and other related items that would enhance and expand the arts, culture, and cultural tourism industries in Santa Fe County.

A few items the committee will be tasked with include:

  • Identify all existing and potential funding sources and other resources including Lodger’s Taxes, grants, “1% for the arts” programs, the Quality of Life gross receipts tax, and bonding for ACCT activities, programs, projects and organizations
  • Explore areas of potential collaboration and partnership with local governments, traditional communities and other related organizations that would provide benefit to the arts, culture, cultural tourism industries throughout the County
  • Create an inventory of existing arts, culture, and cultural tourism nonprofit entities and their function or role as well as crafts, cottage industries, cultural tourism, film/digital media, and arts-related businesses in Santa Fe County
  • Recommendations on how Santa Fe County can enhance opportunities for local artisans and craftsmen through branding and/or development of export markets

The Santa Fe Board of County Commissioners shall, to the extent practicable, appoint ACCT committee members that represent each of the following sectors:

  • The crafts cottage industry
  • The cultural tourism industry (could include heritage tourism, ecotourism, and/or agri-tourism)
  • General arts organizations
  • The film/digital media industry
  • Economic development organizations

Committee Members

  • Jayne Levant
  • Michelle Laflamme-Childs
  • Ann Weisman
  • Ramona Sakiestewa
  • Charlene Cerny
  • Roger Holden
  • Deborah Torres

Santa Fe County Staff Committee Liaison

David Griscom, Economic Development Manager