Disposal of trash at convenience centers requires a punch or punches from a solid waste punch card or a bag tag. Loads up to 5 cubic yards require one punch on the permit. Loads between 5 and 10 cubic yards: 2 punches. 10-15 cubic yards: 3 punches. Bag tags are valid for any conventional garbage bag. Loads larger than 15 cubic yards are not accepted.

Solid waste permits and bag tags may be purchased in person at these locations: Santa Fe County Public Works Complex

 You can also download a 2021 permit application and mail it with a check to the Santa Fe County Treasurer's Office, 100 Catron Street, Santa Fe, NM 87501 . DO NOT MAIL PERMIT APPLICATIONS TO ANY OTHER OFFICE. 

 Accepted Payment Methods

  • Mailed applications can  be accepted only at the County Treasurer's Office.
  • Only money orders or checks accepted at Public Works Complex or Satellite Offices. Cash and credit cards are not accepted.
  • Cash, money orders, and checks are accepted at the Treasurer’s Office.
  • Credit cards are not accepted at any location.
  • Residents are required to sign an agreement that the permit is for personal use and cannot be used by another person or entity.
  • Lost, stolen, or destroyed permits and bag tags will not be replaced by the County.
  • Permits Starting dated 2014 to present do not expireuntil completely punched.

Three, six, and twelve punch permits may only be purchased by residents of Santa Fe County that live outside an incorporated city. Patrons that reside within incorporated areas may only purchase the 1-trip permit. Bag tags are valid for any conventional garbage bag that does not exceed 30 gallons.

Permit Type Cost
12 Punch Permit $110
6 Punch Permit $55
3 Punch Permit $27.50
1 Trip Permit $18
5 Bag Tags $9


Low Income, Senior or Veteran Discounts

Residents shall be entitled to a $5 reduced fee for the 6 Trip Punch Permit and a $10 reduced fee for the 12 Trip Punch Permit if:

  • They have an adjusted gross income less than $24,000 on their most recent federal income tax return
  • They are 65 years of age or older
  • They are veterans, as verified by the United States Department of Defense DD form 214 of release or discharge from active duty with an honorable discharge or of service-disabled veteran status by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

In no event shall a resident be eligible for more than one reduced fee. For example, a resident who qualified for both the Senior and Veteran discount and wanted to purchase a 6 Trip Punch Permit would be entitled to only a single $5 reduced fee. For residents who may qualify for both the senior and the low-income credit, only the higher credit of $10 will be applied.

Permit Punch Information

Permits will be punched according to the following schedule for solid waste loads:

  • Up to four tires will be one punch and one 1 trip permit.
  • Up to eight tires requires an additional (limit 8 tires/month).