DWI Program

DWI Program

"The Santa Fe County DWI Program promotes the safety of the people in Santa Fe County by developing and implementing programs to prevent or reduce the incidence of DWI, alcoholism, and alcohol and other drug abuse in Santa Fe County.”

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Funds for these efforts come from liquor excise taxes administered by the New Mexico Department of Finance and Administration, fees paid by convicted DWI offenders in local courts administered by the NM Traffic Safety Bureau, and other fees.

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Operation Northern Safety 

Drive Sober, Slow Down and Buckle Up

Arrive alive!  That is what law enforcement agencies in northern New Mexico wish for holiday travelers.  During this busy travel time 10 law enforcement agencies in 2 counties will be conducting special traffic enforcement operations to keep the roadways safe for holiday travelers. 

Police have these easy to follow tips to help you arrive alive at your destination:

Don’t drive impaired. No single factor is more likely to cause an accident than a driver impaired by alcohol or other drugs. One-third of fatal accidents in this country are attributed to drunken drivers alone.

Don’t speed. Nearly one-third of all fatal accidents are attributed to speeding or driving too fast for conditions. Speeding is the single greatest contributor to accidents other than impaired driving. Insurance companies love such proven risk factors when assessing rates. Anyone who’s seen their premiums skyrocket after getting a ticket knows this well.

Buckle up. Insist that everyone in your vehicle wear a seatbelt. A seat belt will significantly increase your chances of surviving a traffic crash. It is one of the easiest and most effective ways to protect yourself on the road every time you get in a car.

Officers will have a sharp eye for drunk drivers, reckless and careless drivers (don’t text while driving), speeders, seatbelt violators and all other traffic violations. 

You will see an increased presence of officers from Rio Arriba and Santa Fe counties. Rio Arriba and Santa Fe county sheriff, State Police Districts 1 and 7, Espanola and Santa Fe city police, Tesuque, Pojoaque, Santa Clara, Ohkay Oweingeh tribal police and Bureau of Indian Affairs Federal police wish you a happy and safe holiday season.  

Alcohol & Substance Abuse Prevention

The Santa Fe County DWI Program provides evidence-based prevention services for children and adults in the community. All prevention services are targeted to address substance use and risky behaviors, such as drinking and driving. The goal of our prevention efforts are to challenge societal norms around alcohol consumption, encourage behavioral change, increase protective factors, provide education on substance use and provide access to relevant services for community members. The Santa Fe County DWI Program collaborates with multiple local agencies to address the indicators stated above. In FY21, the we partnered with the following agencies:

  • Santa Fe Public Schools ( Student Wellness - Santa Fe Public Schools (sfps.info)

  • Innovate+Educate (innovate-educate.org)

  • Team Builders- Behavioral Health Services

  • Reading Quest (readingquestcenter.org)

  • Pojoaque Valley Schools

  • Sombrillo Elementary School

The partnership with Pojoaque Valley School District is unique. The Santa Fe County DWI Program provides direct support through our Prevention Specialist using the “Protecting You Protecting Me” and “Keep a Clear Mind” curriculums both implemented at the intermediate school (4th-5th grades). Gender specific services are provided at Pojoaque Valley Middle School.

The Program also provides direct prevention services at Sombrillo Elementary school using the same curriculums utilized at Pojoaque Valley Intermediate School.

Our Prevention Specialists lead various nationally recognized DWI Prevention initiatives in our community such as, Red Ribbon Week and Sticker Shock.

For more information on our local prevention efforts please contact Diolinda Roybal 505-992-9856 or Droybal@santafecountynm.gov. 


The Santa Fe County DWI Program hosts monthly meetings to coordinate DWI related Law Enforcement efforts in Santa Fe County.  Participating agencies include the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office, Santa Fe Police Department, New Mexico State Police (Districts 1 and 7), NM Motor Transportation Police Division, NM Special Investigations Division, Edgewood Police Department, Pojoaque Tribal Police, Tesuque Tribal Police, Bureau of Indian Affairs Law Enforcement, and Special Investigations Division of the Department of Public Safety.  These agencies collaborate in conducting activities such as DWI checkpoints, DWI saturation patrols, DWI warrant enforcement, public educational events, and underage drinking enforcement efforts.

For more information on our law enforcement efforts please contact Sebastian Adamczyk 505-992-9828, sadamczyk@santafecountynm.gov

Alternative Sentencing

The Santa Fe County DWI Program provides support to the Teen Court Program. The Teen Court Program is an alternative to adjudication diversion program for youth ages 12-18. For more information on the Santa Fe County Teen Court Program, please visit Santa Fe County : Community Services : Teen Court (santafecountynm.gov) or call 505-995-9555.

Additionally, Santa Fe County DWI Program recognizes and supports our local Victim Impact Panel. The Victim Impact Panel is a powerful tool used to bring awareness of the seriousness of DWI. The panel includes both offenders and victims that share their first-hand experiences. For more information, please visit HOME | mysite (impactdwi.org).

Outpatient Treatment

All DWI offender are screened and assessed via a licensed clinician. The clinician completes a detailed assessment for each client to determine the appropriate level of care and response. Clients are assessed for the severity of a presenting alcohol or other substance related concern to determine treatment regimen. If a recommendation is made by the clinician, the recommendation becomes mandatory; therefore, the client must complete the required treatment per court sentence. The DWI Program has various contracts in place with local treatment providers to reduce the barriers to accessing treatment for the client. Clients are offered services at minimal cost or they may qualify for aid through the Santa Fe County Healthcare Assistance Program (HAP).

DWI Contact Information

*Please note, the contact information below is for Santa Fe County DWI Compliance, not the New Mexico DMV DWI Compliance program*

Program Manager
Sebastian Adamczyk
505-992-9828, sadamczyk@santafecountynm.gov 

Screening, Assessments & Compliance
Joanne DeBaca- Compliance Supervisor, 505-992-9845, jdebaca@santafecountynm.gov
LeAnne Rodriguez- Compliance Monitor, 505-992-9831, lrodriguez@santafecountynm.gov
Paul Portillo- Compliance Monitor, 505-992-9847 pportillo@santafecountynm.gov

Prevention Specialists
Diolinda Roybal, 505-992-9856, droybal@santafecountynm.gov

Analicia Sandoval, 505-992-9843, asandoval@santafecountynm.gov  

Business Hours:

Our offices are open to the public Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Office hours may be effected due to weather or local restrictions. 

DWI Planning Council

The DWI Council is currently recruiting new members. New Member Packets are available upon request.

The DWI Planning Council is a Council of multi-disciplinary partners that acts as the advisory board to the Santa Fe County Board of County Commission in matters relating to DWI. Council members assist in preparing comprehensive plans to address alcohol related issues in our community. Council members inform the work of the various components of the DWI Program.

For additional information regarding the establishment of the DWI Planning Council please review the Resolution below.

Resolution No. 1997-87

View DWI Planning Council Members, Meetings, Agendas and Minutes 

For additional information on DWI efforts and statistics in the State of New Mexico please visit the New Mexico DWI Coordinators Affiliate website at www.nmdwi.org.

Screening/Compliance Monitoring

The Santa Fe County DWI Program supports screening of DWI Offenders for Magistrate and District Courts. The mandatory screening process generates data on DWI offenders for a state-wide database. DWI offenders are closely tracked to ensure compliance with court ordered sanctions.