On October 28, 2009 the Board of County Commissioners adopted Resolution 2009-205establishing a County transparency policy in furtherance of its goals of open government and transparency. The resolution established a policy of disclosing relevant government information "as quickly as possible in forms the public can readily find and use ..." and providing for regular release of information in paper form, through audio and video broadcasts, through the County's Internet website, through County's Public Information Specialist and through in-person communication. The Board of County Commissioners amended Resolution 2009-205 on May 31, 2011 with Resolution 2011- 72 to modify the requirements for the broadcasting of public meetings contained within the County Transparency Policy to reflect the results of the County Priorities Survey.

In further pursuit of the goal of open and transparent government, the Board of County Commissioners desires to establish a web-based "Sunshine Information Portal" to improve the public instant internet access to County budgets, contracts, expenditures, revenue and other information.

Resolution 2011- 26enacted the web-based County Sunshine Public Information Portal that provides public access to County government budgets, contracts, expenditures, revenue, employee data and other public information. The Resolution passed unanimously at the Board of County Commissioners Meeting on February 22, 2011.

Website Transparency

Santa Fe County received a Sunshine Award in 2013 and 2012 for the Santa Fe County website from the national nonprofit organization, Sunshine Review. The award honors the most transparent government websites in the nation. Santa Fe County earned the top grade of an A+ in the grading system. Over 6,000 websites are reviewed and analyzed by editors at Sunshine Review of which 214 from across the nation were selected for the award. Over the course of two years Santa Fe County improved the original D- grade to an A+ with the Sunshine Review organization. In 2011 Santa Fe County received an A- from the organization. 

Sunshine Review is a nonprofit organization dedicated to state and local government transparency. Sunshine Review collaborates with individuals and organizations throughout America in the cause of an informed citizenry and a transparent government.