Santa Fe County’s Open Space, Trails and Parks Program sustainably manages and conserves a vibrant network of cultural, historical, recreational and natural community resources that inspire a deep sense of regional identity and stewardship among current and future generations.

Santa Fe County provides innovative leadership in local land management and conservation that enhances the quality of life for County residents, provides access to public lands for unique outdoor experiences, advances community stewardship through partnerships and effectively leverages community investments in the Open Space, Trails and Parks Program. Management of County open spaces and trail networks provides sustainable and resilient ecosystems with landscape-wide benefits for human, plant, and wildlife communities.

The Open Space, Trails and Parks Program aims to develop open space and trails management based on integration with existing regulations and requirements as well as cooperative efforts between private, non-profit and government agencies. In total the program manages 6,610 acres of open space, 18 parks, and 60 miles of trails, and encompasses planning, capital improvements, maintenance, and volunteer opportunities towards the management of these properties for the use and enjoyment of Santa Fe County residents and visitors.


(Photo by Jonathan Tercero)

Contact Us

Laura Hernandez
Facilities, Operations and Maintenance Manager
Public Works Department
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Nav Khalsa
Volunteer Coordinator
Community Development Department
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Adeline Murthy
Planning Team Leader, Open Space and Trails
Growth Management Department
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Monica Harmon
Open Space Resource Management Specialist
Growth Management Department
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