Adopt an Open Space Property

Help assess, report and maintain Santa Fe County Open Spaces and Trails.

Who Can Adopt an Open Space?
Individuals, private businesses, schools, community groups, churches and non-profit organizations can participate!

How to Adopt!
Contact Carol Branch at 505-992-3053 or
[bot protected email address]

Open Space, Trails, and Parks Program

The vision of the Open Space and Trails Program is “to create a network of cultural, historical, recreational and natural open spaces and trails” in Santa Fe County (Santa Fe County Open Land and Trails Plan, 2000). The Open Space and Trails Program aims to develop open space and trails management based on integration with existing regulations and requirements as well as cooperative efforts between private, non-profit and government agencies. In total the program manages 6,610 acres of open lands, 155 acres of parks, and 34 miles of trails, and encompasses planning, capital improvements, maintenance, and volunteer opportunities towards the management of these properties for the use and enjoyment of Santa Fe County residents and visitors.