Community Development Department


The Community Development Department serves the Santa Fe County community by expanding access to affordable housing, fostering local economic development, promoting local attractions, and supporting sustainable practices for the benefit of current and future generations.


Our vision is a thriving and equitable Santa Fe County that is

  • a desirable and affordable place to live and work;
  • a leader in promoting clean energy and healthy ecosystems;
  • renowned for its outdoor recreation, art, and cuisine; and
  • a world-class hub for film and television production.

Our Work


Housing Authority

The Santa Fe County Housing Authority works to provide drug-free, safe, decent, and sanitary housing to low-income and very low-income families in an environment that fosters self-sufficiency and community pride.



Affordable Housing Programs

The Affordable Housing Program works to change lives and transform communities through high-quality program enriched, affordable housing where individuals and families can live, work and thrive one home at a time by adopting industry leading practices and resources that will continuously enhance our value and exceed the expectations of our clients and the communities we serve.



Economic Development

The Economic Development Division supports business and workforce development programs to grow the local economy.



The Santa Fe Film Office works to recruit and expand film and television production throughout the Santa Fe region; support and develop businesses providing goods and services to the industry; engage in community outreach and education regarding production activity; and work with partners to expand educational and employment opportunities in the production industry for local residents.


Tourism & Marketing

The Tourism & Marketing Division works to enhance the lives of County residents, support new and established work opportunities within our communities, and promote sustainable economic development through brand development and the promotion of Santa Fe County as a world-class destination for locals and visitors to explore and enjoy.


Sustainability logo


The Sustainability Division leads efforts to equitably transition to clean energy, build more resilient communities, and promote healthy ecosystems through community programs, policy development, education, and planning.