The Health Services Division promotes the health and well-being of County residents through access to health services and initiatives to support the Santa Fe County Health Action Plan. Programs include the Health Care Assistance Program, which provides support for health care for the indigent, as well as contractual projects to support the six priorities of the Health Action Plan.

The health priorities are:

1. Increase enrollment of County residents in health insurance
2. Reduce alcohol abuse
3. Reduce drug abuse
4. Reduce low birth weight
5. Reduce suicides
6. Increase consumption of healthy food

The Health Services Division staffs the Health Policy and Planning Commission (HPPC), an advisory body charged by the Santa Fe County Board of County Commissioners with providing guidance on health services and programming. The HPPC was instrumental in determining the priorities and much of the programming undertaken as a result of the Santa Fe County Health Action Plan.

The Health Services Division has implemented CONNECT, with the goal of addressing the needs of individuals by connecting them with the clinical care and community services they need to stay healthy, leading to improved community health.

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Santa Fe County Community Services Department
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Phone: (505) 992-9849 (Main Line)

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Jennifer Romero, Health Services Division Director or (505) 995-9526