To Whom It May Concern:Please note that the old WebXtender service fee is not in line with meeting the needs of our cost recovery to preserve, maintain, migrate, update, and store these public records in our records system. We have worked very hard to develop an internal process to provide this new service. The county's Finance Department was fully responsible for the application and payment processes for the old WebXtender service and can no longer administer this service. When the new ClerkWebX service opportunity became a reality and our new responsibilities to administer the application and payment process occurred we have encountered many challenges and continue to work on establishing a sound service and cost recovery fee. We need to finalize an agreement; work with our Legal, IT and Finance Departments to develop an automated payment process; work with our IT Department to ensure that this service is functional; train the Clerk's staff to administer the application and payment process before we open up this new service in a secure and fair process. When we finalize all the specifications for the new ClerkWebX we will open up the subscription process and Marcella Salazar will contact you if you inform her of your interest to subscribe and provide her with your contact information (contact Marcella Salazar at

We look forward to providing this new service when it is available and I apologize for any incovenience the finalization process of our new ClerkWebX service may have caused.

Thank you for your understanding.


Geraldine Salazar, Santa Fe County Clerk

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Tax & Parcel Database Access

The Santa Fe County Assessor and Treasurer information web site allows viewing of the County parcel and taxation information. It requires a contract in addition to a $36 one time setup fee, a $25 monthly charge, and $50 per month access fee. Please send a "Letter of Interest" citing why you want the service to:

Robin Gurule
(505) 986-6212