2024 Notice of Meetings

The purpose of the County Open Lands, Trails, and Parks Advisory Committee (COLTPAC) is to advise the Board of County Commissioners (BCC), acting through and with the assistance of the Open Space and Trails staff, on matters related to open space, trails, and parks. The duties and responsibilities of the Committee are:

  • Assist with County-wide and site-specific open space, trails and parks planning
  • Evaluate applications by property owners and to recommend to the BCC property to be acquired for open space, trails, and parks
  • Advise on the funding for the Open Space and Trails Program
  • Examine and make changes to the criteria for property selection when necessary
  • Establish volunteer subcommittees to address specific concerns for open space and trails and parks
  • Work with County staff to provide public outreach

The Committee is made up of nine (9) members appointed by the BCC. All Committee members shall reside within Santa Fe County. One member shall be appointed by each Commissioner from residents of their Commission District; the remaining members shall be at-large and may reside in any area of the County and be nominated by any Commissioner.

Guiding Documents


  • Christopher Mann, Chair, District 2 Representative, term expires December 2024
  • Steven Forde, Vice Chair, At-Large Representative, term expires August 2025
  • Daniel Alvarado, District 1 Representative, term expires July 2027
  • Jill St. Thomas, District 3 Representative, term expires April 2026
  • Paige Grant, District 4 Representative, term expires April 2026
  • Amelia Adair, District 5 Representative, term expires April 2027
  • Genna Waldvogel, At-Large Representative, term expires April 2026
  • Dan Potter, At-Large Representative, term expires April 2026
  • Bryan Bird, At-Large Representative, term expires April 2027

COLTPAC Staff Liaison

Adeline Murthy
Open Space & Trails Planning Team Leader

2024 County Open Lands, Trails and Parks Advisory Committee (COLTPAC) Meeting Documents

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