The Santa Fe County Planning Commission (Planning Commission) replaced the County Development Review Committee when the Sustainable Land Development Code (SLDC) was adopted, per Ordinance 2015-11, section 3.3.

The responsibilities and duties of the Planning Commission are specified in the SLDC and in NMSA 1978, § 3-19-1 et. seq. (1965) and include the following:

  • To review and recommend to the Santa Fe County Board of County Commissioners (Board), for adoption, text and map amendments to the SLDC, Sustainable Growth Management Plan amendments and the adoption and amendment of an Official Map, a Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) and other programs for public improvements and services and financing;
  • To hold public hearings and prepare written recommendations to the Board on certain discretionary development approvals subject to appeal to the Board;
  • To hold public hearings and recommend action on an Area, District or Community Plan, preliminary and final development orders, and quasi-judicial discretionary development applications;
  • To hold public hearings and take final action and issue development orders regarding applications for variances and conditional use permits; 
  • To enter upon any land that is the subject of an application that is the subject of this ordinance, make examinations and surveys, and place and maintain necessary monuments and markers upon the land pursuant to NMSA 1978 § 3-19-4, upon reasonable notice of not less than seventy two (72) hours to the owner/applicant or designated agent of the land to be entered, and after adoption of an order authorizing the time, place and location of the entry onto land or site examination; and
  • To make decisions on appeals from final decisions of the Administrator.  

2024 Calendar Year Notice of Meetings

Planning Commission Members

JJ Gonzales - January 2025

Dan Pava - January 2026

Jeremy Mier - January 2026

Wendy Melgin-Pierard - January 2026

Erik Aaboe - January 2025

Rhea Serna - January 2025

Carl Trujillo - January 2025

Planning Commission Meeting Information

Regular meetings of the Planning Commission are held at 4:00 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month. Meetings are held in the historic John Gaw Meem Courthouse, 102 Grant Avenue, Santa Fe, and virtually via Webex. For the complete regular Planning Commission meeting scheduled for the current calendar year, click here

Members of the public have the choice of listening and participating in Planning Commission meetings in person or virtually. Members of the public listening and participating in person are required to comply with Santa Fe County policies concerning visitor screening and the wearing of cloth face coverings in effect on the day of the meeting. Members of the public may also listen and participate in the meetings via Webex or watch the meetings on the County's YouTube or Facebook channels.

For a complete list of meeting documents (agendas, packet materials, and minutes), view the information below or visit the County's Calendar of Events.

Planning Commission Staff Liaison

Jordan Yutzy
Building & Development Manager

2024 County Planning Commission Meeting Documents

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