Resolution 2023-17
A Resolution Establishing a Task Force to Analyze and Make Recommendations Concerning the Structure, Staffing, and Responsibilities of the Santa Fe County Office of Emergency Management
to Best Position it to Meet Substantially Increasing Emergency Management Demands

The Santa Fe County Office of Emergency Management Task Force (SFC OEM Task Force) was established by the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) to analyze and make non-binding recommendations to the BCC concerning the structure, staffing, and responsibilities of the Santa Fe County Office of Emergency Management, including, but not limited to, where it should be housed and to whom it should report. The BCC adopted Resolution 2023-029 on March 14, 2023, adding an additional member to the Task Force - the Town of Edgewood Police Chief - and removing the hard deadline for the Task Force to complete its work. 

SFC OEM Task Force Members

  • Martin Vigil, County Assistant Chief of Emergency Management and Special Operations;
  • Jacob Black, County Fire Chief;
  • Adan Mendoza, County Sheriff;
  • Erik J. Litzenberg, former County Fire Chief and City of Santa Fe Fire Chief;
  • Roger Ebner, Director, City of Albuquerque Office of Emergency Management;
  • Cindy L. McKee, County Strategic and Operational Planning Director; 
  • Brian Moya, City of Santa Fe Fire Chief; and
  • Roger Jimenez, Town of Edgewood Police Chief.

SFC OEM Task Force Meeting Information

Meetings of the SFC OEM Task Force are open to the public and noticed in accordance with Resolution No. 2022-110. 

SFC OEM Task Force Staff Liaison

Tina Salazar
Constituent Services Liaison

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