Santa Fe County's Business Retention and Expansion Program

Who we are

Santa Fe County is here to support your local business succeed. Business Advocate, Santa Fe County’s Business Retention & Expansion (BR&E) program, was created out of our ongoing commitment to assist communities, businesses, and entrepreneurs in Santa Fe County with their expansion efforts and retention needs. Our BR&E program is designed to proactively respond to the needs of existing businesses, mitigate the challenges businesses may face in their expansion efforts, help firms identify future plans and opportunities, and connect businesses to the various resources which will enhance their overall competitiveness and success. Using a customer centric approach, Business Advocate seeks to serve as a single point of contact for companies looking for help in accessing business assistance and resources. Each company will receive individual assistance and support based upon their identified needs. We would love to get to know you and your business. We invite all local companies to complete our Business Introductory Survey.

Business Advocate serves many purposes, including:

  • Strengthening the relationships between Santa Fe County and local business and industry.
  • Connecting local businesses and industry with resources and supportive services that enable them to plan for the future and become more competitive.
  • Assist local firms in identifying and addressing their needs and impediments to growth.


Business Advocate assists local businesses and entrepreneurs through collaborative partnerships with organizations and agencies offering:

  • Investment and Financing Assistance
  • Business Support Services and Resources
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Educational and Workforce Development Opportunities
  • Marketing Services
  • And much more!

The program is comprised of four key segments:

  1. Business Visitation and Consulting
  2. Education
  3. Marketing
  4. Business Climate Analysis


 Key Components

Business Visitation and Consulting

A key component of the Business Advocate program is connecting businesses with resources that will allow for greater competitiveness and growth. This is primarily achieved through confidential visitations and meetings with local businesses and industry in efforts to develop a relationship and identify the needs and challenges local firms may face. During the visit, through dialogue and surveying, local firms have the opportunity to share the challenges or needs that are impeding their success. After, a County representative will work to identify local, state, or federal resources and services that would be available and helpful in assisting meet the needs of local firms.


The Business Advocate program will develop educational resources and workshops that align with identified needs of local businesses and industry. Other summits and forums will be held to convene local industry and business leaders and community leaders with the purpose of problem solving, developing shared knowledge, and the creation of a broader narrative on the trends of a specific industry. 


Through our program businesses will have access to an online community calendar listing all workshops and business events within the County. Oher marketing initiatives include shop local campaigns and business spotlight opportunities promoting the tremendous value local companies bring to our community.

Business Climate Analysis

An annual report presenting the common trends and themes identified through the business visitation efforts will be prepared. Included in this report will be policy or programmatic adaptations that would be useful for assisting businesses.



 Attention all County business owners, please take our Santa Fe County Business Climate Survey

 A final “thank you” to all the firms which have made Santa Fe County their home. Your presence within Santa Fe County is tremendously valued!

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