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The Santa Fe County Senior Services program is proud to be redefining the 60+ community, and the senior center experience. Our senior centers are fun, inviting and full of life! We are honored to provide many exciting opportunities for individuals aged 60 or older. We are currently offering classes and experiences in the fields of arts & creativity, learning, socialization, and offer many health and wellness classes to help improve strength, balance, mobility and mental health. Stop by any of our senior centers for yoga, stretch & movement, strength training, tai chi & qi gong, beading, weaving, tin work, line dancing, ceramics, painting, monthly day trips and so much more. Please contact our Activities Coordinators for more information on what your local senior center can offer you. We are eager to welcome you with open arms, and look forward to serving you.


Eligibility Requirements

In order to be registered and participate in services, individuals must meet the following criteria per the Older American’s Act, The Non Metro Area Agency On Aging, and Santa Fe County Senior Services Policies:

  • Be 60 years of age or older.
  • Or be the legal spouse of an eligible, registered participant (60 or older) that resides at the same address.
  • (homebound meals only) Be homebound , unable to leave your home, and otherwise without someone to prepare a meal for you, and/or unable to procure a meal for yourself either permanently or temporarily (surgical recovery, medical recovery etc.)
  • (Transportation services only) Be otherwise unable to drive or procure a ride for yourself to get to medical appointments.

For more information please call our main office at 505-992-3069

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How To Register for Services

Individuals 60 years of age or older, or otherwise eligible for services are welcome to participate in Santa Fe County Senior Services congregate or home delivered meal & transportation programs. With every eligible individual that registers with our program, we are able to secure funding that allows us to continue providing our 60+ community with these essential services. Registration is free, and conducted at each respective senior center, or in your home if you are registering for in-home services. A qualified staff member will assist you in filling out a confidential form which includes basic personal information such as name, date of birth, last four digits of your social security number, address, phone number, emergency contact information and a brief health assessment to ensure that we are servicing you to the best of our abilities.

If you would like to register, to renew your registration, or to update or change your status or information, please contact the activities coordinator at your senior center, or our main office at 505-992-3069.

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Meal Services

Congregate Meals (in-center lunch Service)

Individuals 60 years or older are welcome to join us in any of our Senior Centers for lunch*. Lunch is served in a congregate setting, Monday through Friday between 11:30am-1:00pm. There is a suggested donation of $1.50 for eligible individuals**. Those that are under the age of 60 are welcome to join us as well for a fee of $7.50 per meal.

Home Delivered Meals (in-home lunch service)

Santa Fe County Senior Services is proud to deliver meals to qualifying** homebound seniors that are in need. Individuals must be 60+ years of age, homebound, and without an alternate source of nutrition or meal preparation. There is a suggested donation of $1.50 per meal. Individuals that meet these qualifications, and are interested in receiving home delivered meals should call our main office at 505-992-3069
*Please note that the El Rancho senior center is only open on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, and does not serve lunch on the days they are not regularly open.
**in order to become eligible, and participate in meals, individuals will be subject to a written registration form.


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Transportation Services

Santa Fe County provides a safe, reliable, and affordable mode of door-to-door transportation to all eligible individuals that reside outside of Santa Fe city limits, and within Santa Fe county boundaries. Our friendly and qualified drivers provide transportation for medical appointments, grocery shopping and pharmacies for prescription pickup Monday through Friday from 8:30am-3:30pm. Medical appointments take priority over all other appointments*. Transportation reservations must be made a minimum of 3-5 days in advance by phone. Those needing transportation assistance should be prepared to submit to a Senior Services registration form (if new to our program, or in need of reassessment), provide our dispatcher with their location, destination, designated time of appointment/pickup and a contact number.

There is a suggested donation of $1.00 per ride for eligible individuals. Punch cards are available in increments of 12 ($10) or 24 ($20) rides. All pick-ups and drop-offs must be scheduled to ensure we make it to all appointments in a timely manner. Because of this, we are unable to offer last minute stops on the way to your destination. Our skilled drivers are happy to help you get in and out of our vehicles, and assist you to the door of your home, or healthcare establishment if needed, to ensure that you make It to your destination safely, and comfortably**. Handicap accessible transportation units are available upon request to ensure a safe ride for all eligible individuals, regardless of mobility re-strictions.

For additional information, to see whether you’re eligible, or to schedule an appointment for transportation, please call our main office at 505-992-3069.

*Please be aware that because of staff and vehicle restrictions, occasionally there may arise a situation where non-medical (grocery, pharmacy, etc) appointments are cancelled and/or rescheduled to make room for the medical priorities.
**Please note that we do not offer assisted transportation at this time, and our drivers are not able to stay with you during your appointments, or speak with your healthcare provider on your behalf.


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If you are in need of food, housing, transportation, in-home assistance, chore services, or any other form of additional assistance, Please fill out the CONNECT assistance inquiry form to be connected to a navigator who can help you find services and resources within the community*
*Please only use one assistance request form if you are in need of multiple services. You can describe your situation and specific necessities in the notes section of the form.

For more information, contact:

Jennifer Romero
Santa Fe County Community Services Department
Health Services Division Direc-tor

Ian Donnelley
Santa Fe County Community Ser-vices Department
Senior Server Navigator / Frail and Elderly Program

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Senior Advisory Board

Santa Fe County has a number of boards and committees appointed by County officials to oversee various aspects of local government. One of those is our Senior Advisory Board. This group is an important part of local government, and essential to our Senior Services Program. It is a wonderful way to get seniors and participants of our program involved and have a say in the operations of their senior centers, and the senior services program. The Senior Advisory Board makes recommendations and suggestions, presents ideas, articulates the needs of our 60+ community and expresses any concerns about participant & constituent issues in Santa Fe County on behalf of the community within the senior centers.

If you are interested in serving, please submit your application and resume via our apply to serve form.

*Please note that not all boards and committees follow Santa Fe County’s Reasonable Notice for Public Meetings policy. Joint committees and boards can record notices, agendas and minutes through separate entities. For more information please review Resolution 2023-087.

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Senior Center Directory & Hours Of Operation

Abedon Lopez Senior Center (Santa Cruz) - 9am-3pm Monday thru Friday
Activities Coordinator: Josie Atilano
Cook: Bianca Bailon
[updated photo]
155A Camino De Quintana
Santa Cruz, NM 87567

Bennie J Chavez Senior Center (Chimayo) - 9am-3pm Monday thru Friday
Activities Coordinator: Jonathan Pacheco
Cook: Devin Roybal [updated photo]
354 Juan Medina Rd
Chimayo, NM 87522 505-351-4686

Edgewood Senior Center—9am-3pm Monday thru Friday
Activities Coordinator: Aaron Price
Cook: Nancy Smith
[updated photo] 114 Quail Trail Edgewood, NM 87015

El Rancho Senior Center—9am-3pm Monday, Wednesday & Thursday. CLOSED Tuesday & Friday
Activities Coordinator: Amy Sandoval
Cook: Desauri Maestas [updated photo]
394 County Road 84 Santa Fe, NM 87506

Ken & Patty Adam Senior Center (Eldorado)—9am –3pm Mon-day thru Friday
Activities Coordinator: Lula M. Yount
Cook: Sonia Otero & Damian Berry
[updated photo]
16 Avenida Torreon Santa Fe, NM 87508

Rufina Meal Site (Santa Fe)—11:30am-1pm Monday thru Friday
Activities Coordinator: Amy Sandoval
Cook: (Vacant)
[updated photo]
2323 Casa Rufina Rd Santa Fe, NM 87507

Lunch is served from 11:30am-1:00pm at all Santa Fe County Senior Centers during their days of operation.

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Santa Fe County Senior Services Staff Directory:

Main Office - 4250 Airport Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87507—505-992-3069 [insert updated photo]
Transportation Scheduling, Home Delivered Meal Cancellations & General Information—505-992-3069
Program Director: Matilda (Mattie) Byers—505-992-9840
Program Manager: Francisca (Kika) Ortiz—505-992-9853
Program Administrator: Gina Montoya-Saiz—505-992-9876
Transportation Dispatcher: Rosalie Vigil—505-992-3069
Senior Navigator: Ian Donelley— 505-986-6239
Nutrition Coordinator: James Martinez—505-992-3070
Transportation Coordinator: Christopher Browning—505-992-3040
Activities Program Coordinator (Chimayo): Jonathan Pacheco—505-351-4686
Activities Program Coordinator (Edgewood): Aaron Price—505-281-2515
Activities Program Coordinator (Eldorado): Lula M. Yount—505-466-1039
Activities Program Coordinator (El Rancho & Rufina Meal Site): Amy Sandoval—505-455-2195
Activities Program Coordinator (Santa Cruz): Josie Atilano—505-753-8598

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